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Planning JavaOne

Posted by driscoll on June 29, 2005 at 12:47 PM PDT

In addition to working on Project GlassFish, as a manager at Sun I get assigned all kinds of fun projects. For the first time ever this year, I was involved in planning the Web and XML track at JavaOne.

Wow, that was fun - we had so many good submissions this year, it was hard to choose, but fun too.

One part wasn't fun - scheduling. Not the part you're probably thinking of - the timing of the talks - that part wasn't so bad: We just tried to only overlap a few talks. No, the hard part was playing "guess the attendance". Should a talk on Shale get a room with 450, 600, 900, 1200 seats? How about a talk on AJAX? How about a web security talk?

What would you pick? Remember, we made these choices 2 months ago.

For Shale, we picked 900. Same for AJAX. Security got 600.

The result? We came close on these, so I'm pretty proud.

Shale had a mostly full room (at lunch). AJAX blew out the room, and filled up the overflow, so we should have gone with 1200. The security talk was SRO (Standing Room Only), and probably would have filled a 900 room too.

I said close, not perfect :-)

Where else did we get it wrong? I'll see statistics in a few months, but I'm dying to know now. Any talks in rooms that looked empty? Any talks with people sitting all over the floor? Let me know, I'm dying to find out...

Also, I'd love to hear about what you didn't see that you wanted to see. Remember, I only did the Web and XML stuff, so you'll have to take your Java ME requests to someone else...

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