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One more time: CDDL is Open Source

Posted by driscoll on July 12, 2005 at 3:10 PM PDT

In a recent article, both Marc Fleury of JBoss and Bill Roth of BEA are said to be telling the press that CDDL isn't Open Source. Drat, apparently neither of them read my blog.

So, one more time: CDDL is Open Source. Why can I say that with absolute confidence? Because Open Source is an servicemark that is owned by the OSI. They're essentially the Good Housekeeping Seal for licenses. BEA, JBoss and Sun all don't get to say what is and isn't an Open Source license: the OSI does.

Now, I'm a little disappointed that Bill didn't know this, but it's a bit understandable - BEA isn't exactly known as the Open Source company, though they've been doing stuff there that's interesting lately.

I am a little suprised about Marc, though. One hopes that he was misquoted, since the alternative is that he was trying to mislead people deliberately, or prehaps he just didn't know. I'm not sure which alternative is more disconcerting.

So which is it? What do you think?

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