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Slides to my JSF 2 components and Ajax BOF

Posted by driscoll on June 4, 2009 at 12:15 PM PDT

Last night, Ryan Lubke and I gave a BOF on creating components with JSF 2.

If you've been reading my blogs, none of this will be especially new, but I did think that you might appreciate the slides, which I've now uploaded and are available in OpenOffice 3 and
PDF versions. The OpenOffice version has the slide notes, which you might find helpful.

Still missing is the code that Ryan did last night, demonstrating, among other things, the use of the ajax tag's listener attribute - which is pretty neat. Ryan will probably blog on it shortly.

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Re: Dev environments for JSF 2 - still in development. After all, it just went Beta. Scroll back in my blog, and there's instructions on running in Netbeans and Eclipse... Re: xmlns:prefix="URL" - I know that I was *supposed* to cover it. And it should be in the slide notes. In the composite component, you'll have a namespace like: xmlns:composite="" That's a hardcode name. In the using page, you have a namespace like: xmlns:prefix="" Where prefix is any character combo, where "" is a hardcoded invariant value, and "componentLibrary" points to a directory in the resources directory. Then, also in the using page, refers to a tagname.xhtml file in the componentLibrary directory under the resources directory. Hope that answers your question.

Thanks Jim. I was at this BOF and you did an excellent Job. One question I didn't know I had at the time is this: How was the URL in xmlns:prefix="URL" determined to be valid for the content in resources/files... I understand how Facelets matches up a URL with a set of tags, but I don't know if you had this in your demo. Thank you.

By the way ... Are there any development environments for all this? Plugins for Netbeans or Eclipse?

As I said: "Ryan will probably blog on it shortly. " I actually don't have the code at all - like many demos, the guy writing it was tweaking it right up until the stage. We'll probably take a short break after the big rush surrounding JavaOne, so it might take a week or so, but it'll get up there - and the advantage is that I suspect that Ryan will even post a runthrough of the code as well... But if he doesn't have time, I'll write it up. So, patience...

Nice... Demo source code?