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StrutsME - J2ME client support for Struts applications

Posted by dsuspense on August 27, 2006 at 7:39 AM PDT

As we all know, J2ME has a HUGE market share in the mobile phone market. I am sure most J2ME interfaces to web applications are built using custom web framework extensions, or specialized content emitters for mobile content.

StrutsME uses a lightweight serialization protocol to allow J2ME clients to invoke Struts web application actions. The current featureset includes:

1) Forwarding to another action, redirects and module switching
2) Commons Validator Framework and the validation through the validate() method of ActionForms
3) Messages, which are translated and then transmitted to the client.
4) Modules

Easy setup, Maven based build process and MEF (MobileEditionFramework) are some of planned features.

Althought there is currently no distribution for download, you can browse the CVS repository or view the current Javadoc to get a feel for the project's current status.

See this page for details on what StrutsME supports and how it works.

I wonder how it will compare in performance to say a custom JSF renderer for J2ME clients.

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