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From JSF to Struts to SEAM to Spring

Posted by dsuspense on March 28, 2009 at 4:42 PM PDT

Wow, its been a looooooong time coming for me to get back to blogging. When I last hit blogs I was finishing up a year of working on a JSF project using Apache MyFaces. I then went on to work on a project with Struts 1.2 for about 2 years. I just recently finished up a 3 month project working with JBoss Seam last year. I am now looking for a new gig and wondering what I will work with next.

Within that time I also have gotten into Ruby/Rails and JRuby (who hasn't at this point) and have definitely enjoyed what that world is bringing to the table as well. I even wrote some articles on about working with Rails and JRuby. RoR's convention over configuration definitely gave Java web frameworks a kick in the rear and got them moving in the right direction (seam-gen comes to mind, used it with great success actually).

Java web frameworks have definitely evolved in the last few years and Seam definitely makes working with JSF a joy this time. This Thursday I attended the Orlando JUG for a very eye opening presentation by SpringSource's Keith Donald about building modular web applications using Spring Dynamic Modules and their Spring dm server (an OSGi enabled Tomcat server).
Peaked my interest in what Spring has coming down the pipe for building truly modular, more easily maintainable, smaller footprint java based web applications.

By the way, Orlando JUG is now on Codetown thanks to Mike Levin. Mike is building a social software development community over there, so definitely sign up for it and help it grow.

More to come as I start to pour my brain out on some of the cooler things happening in the Java web application space.

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Use ZK and you will never have to think about what to use next.

Piqued my interest too. ;-)