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Posted by dsuspense on April 2, 2009 at 4:37 PM PDT

I was looking for some new Java tech books and my favorite site I did some quick Googling for it and found this post. I guess I will have to go with Amazon or one of the other online bookstores. Anyone have a good site for good Java tech books?

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Why o Why? I just tried to go there...

Alternatively you could use I always used them and they were pretty decent

Amazon has always been good to me. And once in a while I order directly from the publisher, which can (in rare cases) be cheaper than using Amazon or get you things before Amazon carries them).

After the demise of I needed a good source for technical IT books. I placed an order at www.nerdbooks,com. They're in Texas and have a good selection and good prices. My books were delivered in a couple of days to Virginia.