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JavaFX finally peaks my interest

Posted by dsuspense on April 23, 2009 at 9:09 PM PDT

So I headed to the Orlando JUG meeting tonight for a talk by Jim Clarke on JavaFX. Needless to say I was impressed with not only the JavaFX language and what Jim was able to do in the short space of time of 2 hours. The kicker for me was being able to drag an in-browser JavaFX applet out of the browser and have it run standalone on the desktop, in its on JVM sandbox, even after the browser is closed. Seamless transition of an app from a browser to the desktop is something JavaFX I believe has over Silverlight and Adobe Flex/Air.
I am definitely interested to get my hands on Jim's forthcoming book and seeing what JavaFX has to offer as it matures. Maybe JavaFX can have a good future with the right marketing and the support of the community.


Yes correct, Jim did mention that feature was only available for JRE 6u10 and above. Thanks for the clarification on that. Either way, seamless transition from web to desktop is really a big plus in my eyes.

The drag-an-applet feature is a feature of the JRE (6u10+) not (particularly) of JavaFX.

Come back home applets! All is forgiven!

Check out the "Kitchen Sink" Pivot demo. This page shows the demo running as an applet, and there is a link to launch the same application via Web Start right below it: Granted, it's not exactly the same as dragging the applet out of the page (which may work - I haven't actually tried it) but the end result is similar - the same codebase is used to launch the application as an applet and on the desktop.

FWIW, s/peaks/piques