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Unemployed? Get Flex Builder Pro for Free

Posted by dsuspense on April 7, 2009 at 9:22 PM PDT

Times are tough and a lot of talented Java developers are out of work. Flex is hot on many Java developers list of skills to learn and this makes it that much easier to get into Flex. Adobe is offering Flex Builder 3 Professional free to unemployed developers. Go to, register and download the 60 day trial of the software. Adobe will send you the full version license key in a few weeks and then it is all yours!

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Yes it is a bit misleading, but I would still say Flex is more in demand than Java FX at the moment. I myself hate the fact of having to run a web app (or RIA) within the Flash player, which Flex forces you to do. But I guess pure browser based web apps will always have limitations, even with all the power and richness that Ajax provides.

Oh, well: ... I wouldn't DRAW ...

In any case, I believe that the whole is crap. If you look at the "Flex" graph, it seems to be fairly constant since the beginning of 2004, which is not possible. Searching for "Adobe Flex" seems more reasonable: since it's an increasing curve. But it's a matter of interpretation: I wouldn't drive any serious conclusion out of this noise.

Well, cancel. The graph is showing results even back from 2005, so it means that it's a bogus search.

Probably it doesn't register because... you have to enter "java fx" (with a blank), not "javafx")

No I do not. Giving away a tool that can help someone advance their skillset in these tough times is worth a blog post in my mind. I would bet that a larger percentage of Java developers have used / are using Flex with their Java base projects than have used / are using JavaFX with their Java base projects. Here is an Indeed JobTrends search for the major web based frameworks - Flex, JavaFX, JSF, Seam, Struts, Spring MVC, Rails (hint: JavaFX does not even register):

Don't you think it a bit inappropriate to, on a Sun website, advertise for a product that competes with Sun's own JavaFX?