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Keynote: Best and Worst

Posted by duncan on June 10, 2003 at 1:59 PM PDT

The morning keynote is done and over with. There wasn't a lot there that stuck with me, but then, it's the non-technical keynote. So what did stick? Two things. One was the best line of the keynote when Jonathan Schwartz said, "The lawyers work for me." Man, I hope that's really true and not a joke. One of the biggest complaints I hear about Sun is that it seems that the lawyers are in control(tm) of everything(tm). To have the guy in the driver seat say publicly that the lawyers work for him is a good thing.

The other item that made an impression was the worst part of the keynote: The unveiling of the new logo. There was a drumroll. There were flashing lights. And then, the old logo was pulled down and the new, simplified one was shown. And guess what? It's the same one that is on the outside of the Moscone center. The same one that has already shown up on the web over the weekend. Come on, if you're going to try to show something off and make a big production, at least make sure that the thing behind the curtain hasn't been seen by anybody in the audience. Isn't that the first rule of marketing?

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