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No Giant or Windmill, Just a Deranged Muppet

Posted by dwalend on May 30, 2006 at 10:36 AM PDT

I gave a talk on the trouble I'm having using complex generics code at the community pavilion at JavaOne. It was a great experience. About a dozen people dropped by to listen; most settled in for the whole twenty minutes. Chris Adamson and the team put together a great facility, with couches, a video screen for slides and -- most important -- an amplification system. My voice doesn't carry well and I was a bit worried that people would not be able to hear me over the 85 decibel din. Inside my head I sound like James Earl Jones. During the talk I thought I was shrieking like a punk rocker. Instead I sounded like a deranged muppet. Chris recorded it for posterity. The amazing thing about the pod-cast is the lack of background noise.

I've linked to the slides and the pod-cast, but I think the original blog entry is more clear than me yelling at a slide projector. I had to dumb down the code just to make it fit on slides.

I've heard no word yet from Sun about the RFE. That's long compared to Sun's usual timeliness. My hope is that the person who reviews language RFEs was getting ready for JavaOne, then at JavaOne, and is taking a week or two off to recover. (Shortly after posting that RFE, I asked Sun to post a package-list file for Taglets' JavaDoc. Sun picked up that one after about 18 hours. I've gotten used to quick turn around.) I'll blog again when I've got a public tracking number.

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