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Learning Java with Passion! Amazing!

Posted by dwildt on May 23, 2008 at 9:21 PM PDT

Checking Arun Gupta's blog, I found this link to a free Ruby on Rails online course. It will start on July 15th. Great initiative! Amazing!

But the post is not about this, it is about all the resources available at Java Passion.

You can find in there great information about Java, Enterprise Java and currently the WebServices course is running. Learn concepts like WSDL and SOAP, important if you are learning the concepts behind WebServices.

If you are looking for new technology, you may want to check the material related to EJB 3 and JPA.


Sang is really great, his courses are a great tool. And, an additional advantage from my perspective is that he uses the GlassFish server for his server-side classes :-) - eduard/o