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Open Source Documentation - Collaborate!

Posted by dwildt on May 12, 2008 at 10:37 AM PDT

I'm teaching in college since 2004, and most of the resources I use in my classes are online resources. Very dynamic and easy to follow, everybody can access and use that to learn more about some subject.

Today with internet and this blog explosion we have it is very good to see people spreading knowledge across the globe.

You have portals dedicated to some specific technology, we have people running their blogs and sharing what they know. That's great!

At the perspective of the Global Education and Learning Community, the GELC, and also looking at portal, well, we have that! Lots of blogs and articles available for the community and we can't forget all the projects we have inside our communities!

The first resource I would like to suggest, if you are looking for a place to share knowledge, is! is connected to the GELC community. Inside we can create projects, and if that's the case we can create projects with goals to share knowledge. Having that, you can use to create your online courses, create your classes and have a place where the whole community can get information. That's a good place for teachers.

I have shared some materials inside a few months ago and will share more soon. It is a great opportunity to give more information and help people to prepare themselves to bigger challenges.

If you are looking for a more generic resource, that would be Wikipedia! You can even start to learn Java in there.

Back to portal you can check the Javapedia, which is a project that want to cover all aspects of the Java platform! You can learn a little more about Javapedia at Wikipedia!

And that's it. Some good resources where you can share knowledge using a GNU Free Documentation License or Creative Commons.


I noticed your title is about open source documentation. The shared materials at are a good start but if you really want indepth open source documentation you should check out They are currently documenting hundreds of open source systems in detail.