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JEDI Certification - Help the Brazil community to build the certification exams for JEDI

Posted by dwildt on July 13, 2008 at 8:18 PM PDT

Do you know JEDI project? Do you want to help Brazil community to build the certification exams for JEDI modules? Your time has come! So, study JEDI modules and send out some questions for us!

I invite you to fill out the form "Java Education and Development Initiative (JEDI) Certification" which can be accessed thought Google Docs. Select a module, a lesson, and send easy/medium/hard questions for us. You can think about true/false questions, single choice and multiple choice questions.

If you know portuguese you can also watch a video about JEDI Certification at DFJUG TV.

A very important information here, certification exams will be available for free. So Java community, join us to make this happen! These certifications can be your starting point to Java Certifications.


glad you did that we also have a certification and has been 1 year here, but we have performance problem for public exam system we adopt several CISCO like academy model we opensource the exam system, and we will try to rewrite for a better system i am glad if we can work together also we use JEDI and extend it.. take a look the program

Oi, Daniel! Tenho acompanhado o projeto JEDI desde o início e aproveito esta oportunidade para parabenizar o DFJUG pelo excelente trabalho que vem fazendo aqui no Brasil relacionado a esse projeto! Essa semana, enviarei algumas questões para contribuir com este grandioso trabalho! Abraços, Sidney.