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JavaFX, what do you expect?

Posted by dwildt on December 7, 2008 at 10:07 AM PST

So far I'm exploring the samples. Looks good!

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@joshy I am running java 6u11 using the new plugin in Firefox 3. This is on Ubuntu 8.04. It's probably using the deployjava.js, where the check for the new plugin just blindly returns false? If the check reviewed the browser plugins then it would be able to tell that the new plugin was installed. shows that the information needed to detect the new plugin is available. (at least when run in firefox on ubuntu) (Because of the way firefox loads plugins I have sometimes had multiple versions of java in the plugin list and never been able to tell which firefox would actually use. But that shouldn't happen for normal users.)

@joshy! I see the IE 7+Firefox 3 to have no problems with the startup (maayyybee a little). My problem is with the browsers that do not support the new plugin like my favorite Opera :( Do you have a list with the browsers that do not support the new plugin and did you contact with the developers of these browsers?

@jstansel The demo doesn't actually check for 6u10. It checks that you have the new plugin. What browser, OS, and JRE are you using?

I'm disappointed with the samples. I would agree that they feel rushed. For example, says it requires java 6u10. "Great!" I thought - I have 6u11 installed. But it refuses to start, with a message that 6u10 is required. Disappointment.

'Looks good'. But looks good for what? For who? I don't get who the intended audience for JavaFX is except for those who want to download a free SDK and play with it and may be rotate and break up the image of a pretty flower in rectangular parts and shuffle them with minimal amount of code.

The fact that Linux support was not delivered with the 1.0 release is disappointing. I'll have to wait until it is officially delivered before I pass judgment.

I've spent a lot of time today on the 1.0 release - shows promise, but feels rushed. Netbeans problems include reformatting breaking code, templates being invalid and javafxdoc being incorrect and sometimes showing the wrong thing from completion popups. Generally, it feel like Flex from a year or so back, and for the graphical stuff, Flash from even further back. But as I say, it's 1.0 and shows good promise.