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Ed Burns JavaOne 2005 Day One eBay talk quick notes

Posted by edburns on June 28, 2005 at 12:10 AM PDT

Show how to use Ebay to make money for yourself.

Ebay opportunity: more efficient way to buy/sell. Obvious value
proposition you already know about.

Emphasis on making money makes it feel a bit like an amway pitch, but in the end they did show some code and how to use their APIs.

Ebay developers are a massive driver of innovation.

  • selling apps

  • category specific apps

    Motors, boating, trade-in

  • buying apps

    Bonfire media: notifications, alarms, wireless comparison
    shopping, buyout: cable system ebay tie-in.

  • affiliate apps.

    Didn't say much, but there was
    an apple logo

15 billion web services calls a year. A fun stat.

Ebay web services: started XML, SOAP, REST (just for get search
results). SDK for windows and Java.


Roadmap: href="">

Ebay community codebase: href=""> Place where eBay dev
community can work together on software projects or contribute ccode.
Projects released on an open source license.

Ebay will pay you for new users and bids. Sign up to be affiliate
API tier member.

How it works: use the search web service, natural, paid or
category. URL is redirected to commision junction. $0.10 per bid.
Deliver a new user, get $25.

Finally seeing a way to get direct money for your technology without
any employment contract. Micropayments have arrived.

Important API calls












      GetFeedback, LeaveFeedback

      GetItemShipping, GetShippingRates

      Search by ISBN



Idea: faces components that access the ebay java API.

Example: campusi.

Sample App, tuned in. Didn't take notes.


People want to know how you built the infrastructure. They were very
vague. Back end solaris. Middle Tier websphere on Windows NT. front
tier clustered.

Someone asked do they use EJB in the middle tier or a lightweight
framework. They didn't know the answer.

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