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Ed Burns Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Posted by edburns on September 8, 2006 at 8:32 AM PDT

I'm currently cooking up two presentations about Ajax and JSF. Once
they're fully baked, I'm taking them on the road! Of course, while on
the road I'll be promoting my first book, JavaServer Faces: The
Complete Reference
. This book can be referenced from href="">
Here are the stops on my fall 2006 tour.

At each of these engagements I'll be presenting one or two of the
following two talks.

Enterprise Grade AJAX with JSF

This presentation will demonstrate how JSF and AJAX are perfect
together. We begin with an insight into the design heritage of JSF, and
how that heritage puts JSF in good stead to be productive in the AJAX
world. Building on that foundation we dive into the code from the page
author and component developer's perspective. We close with a look to
the future of JSF.

Scripting JSF

The benefits of scripting languages for web development are well
known. Python, Ruby, Perl, and other languages came to prominence
largely due to their suitability for web development. With the inclusion
of JSR 223 in the Java platform, Scripting will be fully supported. This
presentation will present some trends for using Scripting to develop
applications for Java EE.

I hope to meet lots of people and learn how you all are using JSF.
If you're not using JSF, maybe I can find out why so we can fix it.

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