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Motherhood, Apple Pie and Web apps

Posted by edburns on November 13, 2006 at 8:35 AM PST

In my recent spate of href="">speaking
engagements, I have been including a " href="">motherhood
and apple pie
" slide in my presentations about JSF and Ajax. I put
this in my slides in response to a question I sometimes hear when I make
the case for JSF and Ajax. The question goes something like this:

Hey, why do I need JSF, or any other server side framework for that
matter? With Ajax, or things like GWT, can't I just put it all in the
client? I mean, let's just do everything in JavaScript!

You're welcome to do that, but if you do, please
know that you'll have to do all of these things yourself.

alt="Screen capture of slide showing basic requirements of web apps"
width="341" height="253" />

As you may guess, JSF already does all of these for you, does them quite
well, and does them in a way that is an industry standard, with the
brainpower of leading minds from Oracle, Sun, IBM, Apache, the Open
Source Community, and others.

This is why I have been spending my spare time trying to get href="">Project jMaki to have first class
support for JSF as a core part of its feature set and value proposition.
In fact, if you support this idea, please send an email to href="">the
jMaki User list saying that you think this is important. For some
exmples of this in action, please see href="">here, href="">here, href="">here,
and href="">here.

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