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##jsf irc channel usage

Posted by edburns on January 19, 2007 at 12:03 PM PST

Because JavaServer Faces technology is delivered by Sun as a part of
the Java EE SDK and also href="">Project Glassfish, the Sun JSF
team strongly feels that community is important. To that end, I've been
plugging the use of the ##jsf irc channel on as a
community resource. My team and I try to maintain a daily presence in
the channel. href="">Since
we started hanging out there, we've seen the daily traffic steadily

Now that over a year has passed, I thought it would be fun to throw
in a graph. Here is a chart of the daily log size for the ##jsf
channel, where each data point is a weekly average of the size, in
bytes, of the daily log file. The first datapoint in the x axis is from
the fourth week of 2006, on up to today.

If you want to join the channel, please href="">see the
instructions at the JSF main site.

graph.jpg src="" width="1048"
height="760" />

Many thanks to Geert Bevin who,
very graciously and professionally provides the log bot on the

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