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Swiss JSF User Group Formed

Posted by edburns on August 1, 2007 at 10:56 AM PDT

Because I was presenting href="">MCP at
the first ever Jazoon conference, my
friend and expert JSF Developer Alexander Jesse invited me to speak at
the first ever JSF User Group meeting. The meeting was held at a Credit
office in Zürich on the evening of the last day of the
Jazoon conference.

Credit Suisse is the largest financial institution to go public with
its investment in JSF, though I have it on good authority that Deutsche
Bank, and Oesterreichische Kontrollbank also have made significant
investments in JSF. Mr. Jesse's href="">presentation
at Jazoon detailed how Credit Suisse has achieved significant advances
in developer productivity, UI uniformity, and maintainability by
creating a custom JSF component library specific to the needs of Credit
Suisse IT developers. Mr. Jesse printed up flyers announcing the JSF
user group meeting and these were distributed in the Sun and Credit
Suisse booths in the exhibitor area, as well as at every one of the five
JSF related presentations at Jazoon.

The primary goals of this inaugural meeting was to decide if there
was a need for a JSF user group in Switzerland, should the group be a
special interest group (SIG) within target="_">JUGs or a standalone group, and how often should the
group meet. Secondarily, Mr. Jesse and I would present some fun
technical content, not found anywhere else at Jazoon.

The slides from the meeting can be found here:

We had about 22 people attending the meeting, about half of whom had
heard of it from the conference. The response was enthusiastic. Alexander's notes from the meeting can be found at his blog, at <>.

Please leave a comment on this blog if you're interested in the next

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