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JSF Usage and JSF 2.0 Update

Posted by edburns on November 6, 2007 at 8:35 AM PST
Graphical Indicators of JSF Usage

Graphical Indicators of JSF Usage

From time to time, the JSF team at Sun surfs around a bit looking for
new Internet sites using JSF. This time, my colleague href="">Roger Kitain discovered
that Virgin
is a JSF User.

Within Sun, we have an href="">elevator
pitch-like slide deck about JSF, and the most important slide
therein is at the left. If you want more details about the sites
pictured, or you want to add some more sites to the list using JSF, the
wiki page is < href="">>.

By way of update on JSF 2.0, Jacob Hookom, the developer of Facelets
and JSF Expert Group member, is leading the drive toward our number one
for JSF 2.0: Making custom components easier to develop. We're
expecting an EG-private proposal from Jacob this week. Once we get it
firmed up we'll share it publically in an Early Draft Review of the
spec. In other JSF 2.0 news, we have provisionally closed on the issue
of resource loading, as listed in [ href="">115-CompResources].
This will also be in the EDR.

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