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Ed Burns looks for feedback on how people extend JavaServer Faces

Posted by edburns on October 17, 2008 at 6:12 PM PDT

Bring out your JSF Extensions

In order to solve issue [ href=""
rel="nofollow" target="_top">121-JarOrdering], EG member Alexander
Smirnov from Exadel suggested we research the current practice of how
JSF extension points are used. I took his idea and decided to create a
wiki page to collect feedback from the community. Please help us fill
out the table at < href="">>.
If you've ever written a JSF extension, or you use one, see if it's in
the table, and if not, please add it.

The EG will look at the table some time after next Friday, 24 October
2008, and use it to validate our design to fix issue 121.

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Hi Ed I'm trying to get the following scenario to work: I have an outputText that is updated via the fireAjaxTransaction function. The value of the outputText is stored in a backing-bean. When the outputText has a certain value I want to perform navigation to another view. How can this be achieved? Thanks Chris

Hello Ed Thanks a lot, that was exactly the way to use the fireAjaxTransaction that I was looking for :-) Cheers Chris

Hello Christer, There is a demo that does just that, the source at I've added you as an observer to the project, so when the basic auth dialog pops up, you can enter your userid and password and access the source. Hope this helps! Ed

Hi EdBurns, My name is Christer Dalevind and I am working with JSF 1.2 and the Dynamic Faces extensions for AJAX support. If I want to use the fireAjaxTransaction method for periodic polling of updates on the server how should I do that?

Let's say your userobject is stored in the session under the key "userobject". In that case, you can get the bean back from anywhere like this: Object userobject = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSessionMap().get("userobject"); does that help?

Hi EdBuns, I am Ramu presently i am working on jsf1.1 and ejb 3.0.Your blog is excellent.I have used ur jsf security logic for my project.In jaasacton listener i am storing userobject i a session variable . i want to get back that session in another backing bean. but i am geting null value. please help me how do that. Thanks K.Ramu