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My Fellow Americans: Check that you can still vote

Posted by edburns on October 10, 2008 at 8:35 AM PDT

If you’re reading my blog, it’s likely you are a computer
professional, so you know how error-prone large scale software systems
can be. (You also know they are less-error prone if they are built with
JSF. :^)) There have been many stories in reputable news
sources regarding apparently error-prone purges of voter registration
roles in the U.S.. Some of the errors may be due to IT problems,
including data-entry. If you’re a registered voter in the U.S., I
strongly encourage you to verify that you are still registered to vote,
and to vote early. An excellent and accurate state-by-state listing of
official phone numbers you can call to perform verification and discover
early voting procedures may be found at < href="">>.
I called the one in Florida, where I live, and they were very competent
and helpful. Remember, every vote counts if the vote is

Finally, every computer professional needs to be concerned about net
neutrality. Consider your favored candidates stance on net neutrality
when deciding for whom to cast your (verified) vote.

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Ed, As programmers I think that we're all well aware of just how hard it is to prevent fraud in any system where software plays a role in collecting and tabulating votes. Have you come across any good proposals for increasing the likelihood that vote counts will accurately reflect the votes that are cast? John

That's good information. I appreciate the link - I've used it already to get the answer to my question on being purged. I had no idea the different states have such a variance on the registration deadlines. That was an eye opener in itself.