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Facelets in JSF 2.0 update

Posted by edburns on November 18, 2008 at 2:49 PM PST

We're still plugging along on getting Facelets fully specified so a
clean-room implementation can be done of it. Today I've been expanding
the charter of a new class, PageDeclarationLanguage, which
is vended from the ViewHandler.
PageDeclarationLanguage (PDL) is the starting point for all
things specific to the way the view is described. The idea is that even
within the concept of a single ViewHandler, it's possible to have
different ways to declare a view. We'll be using a
PageDeclarationLanguageFactory and require that a compliant
implementation provide PDL impls for JSP and for Facelets (as defined in
JSF 2.0). The most recent version of this class is from Early Draft
Review 2, at < href="">>

I've made a bunch of changes to that class just today, but those will
be in a later version of the specification.

In other news, Roger has been doing great work on declarative Ajax
and we'll have an ajaxification story present in JSF 2.0 similar to the
<a4j:support /> tag in RichFaces.

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Ryan, the current system would require you to decorate the ResourceHandler to enable this behavior, it's not built into the spec automatically. Ed

@rahul: PDL stands for Page Description Language. It's just the term we're using for Facelets, JSP, JSFTemplating, Clay, or whatever else people come up with in the future.

Can you explain on more simple terms, what exactly is change you guys are planning for Facelets? Also what exactly is PDL?

I understand that I can package resources such as CSS, images and JavaScript inside a .jar on the classpath, but can I do the same with Facelets templates, managed beans, navigation rules, etc? I'm thinking of plugins/extensions for a JSF web app beyond a UI component. Can you please point me to some parts of the spec to read more about this?