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JSF2 European Tour, Spring 2009

Posted by edburns on April 30, 2009 at 7:55 AM PDT

I just returned from presenting JSF2 at three wonderful conferences
in German speaking Europe.

  • Mathema href="">Frühjarcampus, in
    Erlangen, Germany

  • Irian JSFDays in
    Vienna, Austria

  • S&S Verlag JAX in Mainz, Germany

    My trip to JAX included a side trip to Michael
    Hütterman’s Köln Java
    User Group

Mathema Füjahrcampus is a smaller and more intimate version of
the annual Herbstcampus put on
by Mathema in the Fall. I really loved the Füjahrcampus. Mathema
boss and noted author Oliver
gave several sessions together, including a full day
workshop on JSF2. This was practice for my upcoming href="">Java
University Workshop on JSF 2. Thanks to Oliver, Michael, Nana and
the whole Mathema team for putting on a great conference.

alt="Audience during Ed's JSF2 talk at JSFDays 2009"

Audience during Ed and Martin’s JSF2 talk at JSFDays 2009

The annual JSFDays Conference in Vienna was a huge success, with over
250 attendees and many of the leading individuals in the JSF community
in attendence. For a conference mainly devoted to just to JSF, that’s a
good amount. I particularly enjoyed href="">Hazem
Saleh’s presentation on GMaps4JSF, and href="">Daniel
Lichtenberger’s presentation on his JSF enabled software stack
called Flexive. Very cool stuff.
The slides and videos for most of the sessions at JSFDays are available
at for a small fee at < href="">>.

The annual JAX conference is the largest non-academic software
development conference in Germany. I’d never had the pleasure of
attending before, and it was really excellent. S&S has been running JAX
since 2001 and they really have the conference thing down. This year
there was one “JSF Day” during the conference proper, and a
“JSF Experts Day” the next day after the conference. Thanks
to Andy Bosch and Matthias Weßendorf; for organizing these days.
It looks like the slides from the JSF Experts Day are available at
< href="">>,
though that site may be for registrants only.

I’ve taken the JSF2 presentation that Martin and I gave at JAX and modified it slightly to make it available at <> and <>.

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its one of the best news for JSF 2. Bookmarkable URLs in JSF 2 specifications was long long awaited. Thanks for the good work.

Israelgbf: Planned to be out by JavaOne 2009. rahul_maha: yes, it's in there. mwildam: Good to see you online here. In fact, it seems you're all over the place!

And what about a release date Ed? Any idea?

I saw ur pdf. It talks about bookmarkable URLs (Seam like tags), has this feature been done/implemented in JSF 2? Or is still on radar?

Many thanks again at this point for your excellent talks you gave on JSFDays in Vienna. Hope to meet you soon again on another event.