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New debuts, JSF2 DataSheet Published, Try the JavaEE 6 SDK

Posted by edburns on June 17, 2009 at 9:03 AM PDT

When I was updating our href="">Getting Started
with JSF
page, I had cause to visit, and found that the long
awaited new site is available. Please check it out at < target="_blank" href="">>.
Congratulations to the JCP team for pushing through and getting it

Also, I've published the data sheet we handed out at the JavaOne
booth for href="">Sun’s
. The datasheet is available at < href="">>.

Please try the JavaEE SDK download, it includes the latest
implementation of JSF2.0, and some nice, ready to run samples. These

  • scrumtoys: a complete app developed for us by Yara and Vinicius
    Senger and a team at Globalcode.

  • basic-ezcomp: a starter app for composite components, developed
    by Jim

  • basic-ajax: a starter app for the very smooth Ajax intergation in
    JSF2, also developed by href="">Jim Driscoll

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