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Recording of May JSF2 Complete Tour Webinar Available

Posted by edburns on July 15, 2009 at 9:14 AM PDT

Well, even though this webinar was performed for about 60 people and
recorded live on href="">14
May 2009, and the slides were published href="">that
same day, it's taken much longer to get the recording published. I
want to make clear the delay was not the fault of the recording or web
publishing team, just that I've been busy. The content is still 100%
relevant, considering that the spec only officially went final on href="">1 July 2009.

To view the video, go to the excellent Glassfish Resources Page at
< href="">>
and look for the link titled “JavaServer Faces 2.0: A Complete
Tour”, it's at the bottom of the page.

If you have comments or questions about the webinar, I'd appreciate
you posting them here so I can be sure to see them.

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Oracle Link?

The link above now forwards to an Oracle-based site, and I can not find the webinar. Would you post the new location? Thanks!

Mind numbingly boring

A pretty horrible presentation IMHO. I hope someone releases a good book on this stuff because the stuff that I've seen written about it on the net so far absolutely suck.

Re: Mind numbingly boring

I agree it's dry. My goal was to inform, not so much to entertain. If you want a presentation where I was actually trying to entertain, I'd love to hear your insightful commentary on . Also, I'm writing a book, which I'd love to hear your opinion of: .

Thanks for your comments.