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Mojarra 1.2_15 released

Posted by edburns on July 20, 2010 at 11:04 AM PDT

With very little pomp and only extenuating circumstance, we are releasing Mojarra 1.2_15. This release does have most of the performance fixes I mentioned in this blog post, but only for those running JSF 1.2.

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Performance severity?

Thanks Ed! How much of a performance boost are we talking about? When will it be available in a Maven repository?

Performance boost

Stevan Malesivic, from Oracle's performance group, had this to say:

SM> some internal PSR test s were done on JSF1.2_15 vs. JSF 1.2_09 using

SM> WebCenter/Portlets test case and JSF1.2_15 shows 7% better throughout



When will it be available in the Maven repository?