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Ed's DevNexus 2014 Picks

Posted by edburns on February 18, 2014 at 8:53 AM PST

I've been blessed with the opportunity to speak at DevNexus 2014. This is my first time speaking at a DevNexus event and I'm excited at the opportunity to meet and learn from many top-name speakers currently practicing today. As I planned out my time here are the sessions I've added to my calendar.

Day 1: Monday 24 February

  • 09:00 Welcome and Sven Peters Keynote, Hall A

    From the buzz around his provocative "Don't use git" meme, I expect a great wake-up presentation.

  • 10:30 Intro to Vert.x 2.0 Burr Sutter, Room 103

    It'll be nice see what Burr's up to, and he's presenting on home turf. Also, the results for recent JavaEE 8 developer survey included some advice that we take a look at Vert.x. Well, here's a great chance.

  • 13:00 AngularJS Bootcamp, Raju Ghandi, Ballroom F

    This is part 1 of a two-part workshop-type session. This technology was also recommended on the JavaEE 8 developer survey.

  • 14:30 Node.js intro, Ted Neward, Ballroom B

  • 16:00 JavaEE 7 in Practice, Me, Ballroom C

    I'll be using the CargoTracker app to showcase some features in JavaEE 7. Yes I will have slides, likely using the bullet-riddled corpse anti-pattern.

  • 17:30 Mobile Frameworks Smackdown, Ballroom A

    I'm glad to see people are still using the smackdown meme.

  • 18:45 Recpetion, Jocks and Jills Sports Bar

Day 2: Tuesday 25 February

  • 09:15 Selling your Mobile App, Jamie Turner, Hall A

    I don't know Mr. Turner, but this one looks good.

  • 10:30 PhoneGap, Andrew Trice, Ballroom A

    PhoneGap is central to Oracle's ADF Mobile framework. I want to see what pure PhoneGap is all about.

  • 13:00 A New Approach to the UI for Distributed Apps, Me, Room 103

    May as well just see the abstract.

  • 14:30 Retro Gaming with Lambdas, Stephen Chin, Ballroom C

    After my talk, I'm sure I'll need a cool-down presentation. This one looks interesting. We'll see if Stephen gets me as clued in to lambdas as Mario Fusco does.

  • 16:00 Automated Tools for Software Development, Laura Moore, Ballroom F.

    Normally I focus on Hudson, but it'll be nice to see what Ms. Moore has to say.

  • 17:15 Closing Ceremony, Hall A

    Not sure what this will be, but perhaps the DevNexus folks will take a cue from NFJS and give some stuff away.

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