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NetBeans Plugin: Janino Plugin

Posted by edgars on August 14, 2006 at 6:58 AM PDT

A famous friend of mine Bruno , is leading a development here at Summa Technologies do Brasil.

He asked to me how easy or hard would be create a new Editor
special for Janino in NetBeans, this editor should have sintax highlight, code-completion and so on, cause his team was in troubles to edit and to turn it fast and easy to edit.

After a couple of minutes and a good answer on NB-DEV-LIST EVERYTHING is ready to use.

Now my friends at Summa are happy with opportunity of to edit and create with a real productivity for Janino files using NetBeans.

If you want donwload it click here

The following images shows Janino in action:



Hope this can be useful for anybody else.

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