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Creating a new Components Palette for Java Server Faces Dev in NetBeans 5.5

Posted by edgars on January 11, 2007 at 9:44 AM PST


If you want to create an application using Java Server Faces using NetBeans you have really useful features as which turn this task simple. Nevertheless we have a lot of open-source projects that can help us on JSF Developement, such as: MyFaces, Facelets , IceFaces , Ajax4JSF and others. I am sure, that some of the developers envolved with these projects would like to make the development easier using their components. If you need a complete solution to make your components availabe in NetBeans, this post can to give out some tips and tricks in how to do that.

NetBeans Benefits for JSF Components Creators

NetBeans, since of its default installation, counts with a lot of nice features, as the following:

  • JSP and JSPX Syntax Highlight
  • HTML and XHTML Syntax Highlight
  • XML Syntax Highlight
  • Code Completion for JSP, XML and HTML
  • An embedded TomCat to test and debug
  • Web Project Types and features for JSF and Struts
  • Component Palette Items for HTML and JSP

If NetBeans did these things for us, why is not possible to add our own components on JSP/JSF Component Palette?I am sure you can think: "This sound quite hard...", However I can say: Don't worry! Read this post and I am sure you will have a different spot.

Creating a New Module Suite Project

A Module Suite is necessay to create a set of new Modules, our Components Items are one Project Module inside a Module Suite. Besides palette components, we could to add new modules to suite, in addition to this, when you create a suite you can run another NetBean

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