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NetBeans Dream Team as a Community Team

Posted by edgars on January 19, 2007 at 9:40 AM PST

Roumen is a really fast blogger, this already is in his blog =). As I am one of these guys, I wanna say thanks to NetBeans's Team, and I hope we can do a good job on NetBeans Dream Team.

First of all, we are defining how the project will work, however I can say that you will have very interesting good news, and please prepare yourself to join with us in that interesting Project.

Is not so usual I write non-techinical stuff, although I would like to share a funny initial view :

The NBDT is composed by 11 founding members, as I am a typical Brazilian, is really impossible don't think in Soccer! (Team+11 Players==Soccer). However, instead of the the brazilian soccer team terrible failure in the last world cup, where all players wanted the attentions individually, I am sure We have to be completelly different and to turn the NBDT an open channel where we can hear the community , where we can see a real good team (such as German and Italy =) on last WorldCup)!.

I wanna also say hello to all NBDT members! There is another Brazilian involved: Vinicius Senger, which is my friend, but I guess that he prefers surf =).

I will keep you in touch about the news from NetBeans Dream Team here on my Java.Net blog, and if you understand portuguese, you can go to my PT_BR blog.


Italy, the WorldCup 2006 Champion (a good example of a Team)


Internacional from Brazil, the Toyota 2006 World Champion, another good example of "No Stars...Yes Union".
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