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New CSS Editor in NetBeans 5.5

Posted by edgars on January 8, 2007 at 8:50 AM PST

Hi Everybody,

After reload my energy in the beach and had been enjoing my holidays at Floripa(Brazil's South Region):


I am back to publish some interesting stuff here =)

In fact, Netbeans 5.5 swells its number of features in each new version, in case of 5.5, the main focus is "Enable JEE development really easy". That's why some really impressive new features are quite hidden, one of these is CSS Editor. To see the NB CSS Editor in action, just create or open a CSS file. Check it out in the following image:


Creating a New Style

Create a new Style is really easy, first of all click on the following button:


Then you can create a rule(style) creating a class o defining an html element, as you can see the following image:

As you can see, edit or create CSS files in NetBeans is as easy as you did in HTML tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver(TM) or Ultradev(TM), in despite of the fact in NetBeans this feature is completelly free and integrated with a complete set of tools for Java Web Development.

Have Fun with NetBeans CSS Editor!

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