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JavaOne 2007 finished, time to flight back to Brazil

Posted by edgars on May 13, 2007 at 1:37 PM PDT

This JavaOne was really cool and special for
Brazilians,  I would like to point the following facts there:

  • Fabiane Nardon,
    as the member of OpenJDK Board, not only I am agree
    completely  that she deserve it but also I am sure she can
    contribute with same passion, quality and enthusiasm that everybody can
    see at Java Tool Community in Java.Net.
  • JEDI Project
    is growing up, and with help of guys such as style="font-weight: bold;">Daniel de Oliveira
    in Brazil, and even Felipe
    in Switzerland, those guys can deliver Java
    Learning with quality and passion no matter where they are. 
  • I met people from
    UOL - Universo Online
    and style="font-weight: bold;">Petrobras there,
    well it's not an advertisement, however is a way I can say
    congratulations to those people behind the scenes, in fact
    their managers in Brazil and to say that is really relevant to attend
    at JavaOne. If there are other Brazilians companies as sponsors for
    their professionals, please let me know, I can add it here as soon as
    you send this information to me.
  • I attend on Vinicius
    and Felipe
    Session, was very good, congratulations my friends.
  • Unfortunatelly, due to the time, I have no chance to attend
    at Michael's Session
    (Date and Time API), but as far as I heard about comments, they did a
    good job as well. 
  • My friend Juggy
    was a really good speaker
    at JavaOne, he spoke on the session talking about Open for Business.
    Congratulations Juggy!
  • I don't like to talk about myself , in third person I hate,
    but I would like to say Thanks again for the big audience tuesday and
    friday on the TS 4721.
    I talked to Fabiane (co-speaker) about the impressive number and
    quality of people in the audience, some people asking and talking about
    the subject of our talking: EJB 3.0 - New Design Patterns. For me as one of
    really good things was to talk with Linda DeMichiel in the end of the
    session, besides a lot of e-mails that I still have to answer.
    Fabiane said that the Session from friday was better (Guys is really
    complicated to make Fabiane laugh or smile with a joke). I think the
    first one was better and I was less tired than friday, at least the joke about Session Facade and Waiter
    worked pretty good. Summarizing we have more or less style="font-weight: bold;"> from style="font-weight: bold;"> style="font-weight: bold;">2300(Tuesday+Friday) people
    attending this session, thanks each one of you.
  • I talked and met so many people that if I try do a list for sure I will forget some names, but there are people that I have also to say thanks here, such as my co-workers at JBoss, in special Cindy Schenek and Michael Yuan, which helped me with the logistic to go to JavaOne.
  • Last point, perhaps not less or more relevant is about the
    parties, if you go to JavaOne, keep in mind that one of the most
    important event of entire event are the parties! Well, you can say:
    "Are you crazy? I wanna learn more about Java!". Well, I have an advice
    to share with you guys: Go
    to the parties
    , always is a good chance to meet smart
    people and until learn a lot. Well, and the following picture is to
    show that : " Yes, we have women at JavaOne !", it does not means that
    you can dating girls, but at least you try change some business cards, a lot of people told me that this year was impressive the number of women comparing with previous editions, congratulations Girls, because of you the JavaOne can be not only technical but really beautyful and more friendly!

    hope to see everybody next year! 

OpenJDK party

OpenJDK Party - I really liked this party.

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