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Thanks for the audience at TS 4721 in JavaOne

Posted by edgars on May 9, 2007 at 11:48 AM PDT

First of all, thank you everyone for being present at our session TS4721, I took some pictures of you guys (almost 1700 people) to prove to my boss why it is really important to speak at JavaOne. Of course it is a joke, my boss really knows how important it is.

Fabiane and I really worked hard to deliver as good as possible of a presentation, because we respect individually any person in the audience, We received good feedback, and it makes us really happy, Thank you. Besides, as I said in the end yesterday, some of our next steps is to publish the EJB 3 Design Patterns here on my blog, and maybe who knows into a traditional book.

I would like to remind you that We will be presenting again on Friday , so if you could not make it to tuesday's session, or would like to attend again, you are welcome there. Of course, there are some good things we can do on that second time.


People at TS4721

Thank you Everybody

If you have any question feel you free to reach me on edgar.silva (em) . Or edgarsilva (em)

Sincerely, Edgar Ankiewsky Silva

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