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Understanding jBPM based on Struts background

Posted by edgars on August 28, 2007 at 2:45 AM PDT

When you try teach anything new for someone, IMHO the easiest way is to do that relating with something you already know. So far Struts is a framework that almost everybody touched at least once. So I will use some of Strtus concepts to explain jBPM process execution.

Process Languages

jBPM is not just a Process Machine, locked in just one way to promote interaction between tasks, in fact jBPM is a process-language engine, which you can use JPDL, Seam Page Flow or even BPEL as an execution language. By default, jBPM uses JPDL, however you may use others.

Understanding a Process

A process shall be a number of tasks described in several flows, which depending of some condition or behavior you may get different ways. So I will show you guys a very simples process, where you can see an expenses-report approval process:


We have just one TASK, so we may think we have just one ACTION, so is really easy to compare a process execution context with a HttpSession execution context, because both may have variables, a sequence of facts and interactions with Systems or Humans. But you may ask:

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