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Happy Birthday to the CEJUG!

Posted by editor on September 13, 2009 at 11:52 PM PDT

In a recent note to JUG leaders, CEJUG leader Hildeberto Mendonca announced the upcoming CEJUG 7th Anniversary celebration, which will take place on September 19 (see the Java Today entry below).

CEJUG stands for Ceara Java User's Group. It is one of, if not the, largest Java User Group in Brazil. Hildeberto (known as "Berto" to his friends) was a co-founder of the JUG.

The CEJUG was also co-founded by Felipe Gaucho (who I met in person at this year's JavaOne).

The CEJUG has a significant presence on Felipe blogs regularly and has also published articles on At JavaOne 2009, he recorded a Community Corner podcast about PUJ, a JUG Contest, with Jim Wright moderating and doing the recording.

As you can see from Felipe's slide above, the CEJUG is involved in at least two projects. The cejug-classifieds project is a 100% pure Java classified advertising system. While the project doesn't yet have a stable release, a snapshot release and an online demo are available. The project code is integrated with GlassFish and Apache In a recent note to JUG leaders, CEJUG leader Hildeberto Mendonca announced the upcoming CEJUG 7th Anniversary celebrationANT.

Felipe is also the owner of the footprint project. This project has as its objective the development of "a set of tools for distributing signed digital documents." The latest release is a beta version, which generates signed PDF documents from a jdbc data source and dispatches the documents through an SMP server.

There is probably more involvement by the CEJUG on, but that's what I'm aware of right now. Consider leaving a comment below, if you're a member of the CEJUG and would like to point us to additional connections between and the JUG.

Anyway, happy Seventh Anniversary, CEJUG! I wish you all a fun celebration on September 19!

In Java Today, James Gosling has a new blog post titled OMG - Alan Turing gets an apology!:

It's decades late, but a lovely gesture none-the-less: Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain has formally apologized for the treatment of Alan Turing. It's hard to overstate his impact on the latter half of the 20th century, and the discipline of computer science in particular. Think of what your life would have been like without him: a longer and more devastating second world war; and the development of computers delayed by many years. How much better could the world have been if his life had not been cut short by thoughtless intolerance? ...

CEJUG Leader Hildeberto Mendonca recently announced the CEJUG's upcoming 7th anniversary celebration:

We are very glad to announce here CEJUG's 7th Anniversary. It is supposed to be one of the biggest JUG's conference in Brazil thanks to the entrepreneurship of CEJUG's leaders and collaborators. In a very short period of time, we are doing a great job to make everything happen on September 19th, at FA7, a local university that provides great support for many of CEJUG's initiatives.

Unfortunately, all information are in Portuguese, but still interesting to share...

rout_debasish sent me a note about some projects he owns. His MySQLExplorer and MyExplorer projects are building tools to make creating, using, and managing MySQL databases more convenient. Here's a summary of the projects from the owner:

MyExplorer is developed in two formats.

  1. MySQL Explorer: GUI Based Swing Application
  2. MyExplorer: GUI Based Web Application MySQL Explorer and MyExplorer have almost same functionalities. Those functionalities are listed as follows:
    1. MyExplorer is a GUI based Web Application for enabling the users to design the database for MySQL graphically..
    2. By the help of this application the user can easily create/delete/modify/insert/display the table content.
    3. The User can also use SQL Query Window to directly interact with the database tables.
    4. Another features are::- a. Query Generation i. For Every User Operation On The Database the Internal SQL Operation is generated in form of Query and displayed to the user.. b. Export/Import i. Exporting or Importing database structure and data in form of queries is performed graphically.. c. Generating Data Dictionary i. Data Dictionary of a database can be generated on selection of a particular database… d. Print Option i. There Would be print option to print the generated structure or data in tabular format or specific format.

In today's Weblogs, Jim Driscoll announces a Speaking Engagement next week (which is this week, now):

I'll be speaking at the Herbstcampus next week, on topics such as JSF 2, JSF and Ajax, and Comet. If you're in Nuremburg next week, or just want to be, the conference looks pretty cool, come join us.

Sebastien Dionne continues a series with GWS Deployer 1.9.17 : Reloaded : New Features Part 2 : JSP Support:

Grizzly Deployer got lot of activity recently over mailing list, so I took the time to give you a new feature that been added to the release 1.9.17. The Autodeploy command. You should see that option like a default web.xml config that will be append to all your webapps that you will deploy. You can activate this feature by adding this param to the command line...

Amy Fowler posted Two Worlds Collide:

On the one hand, JavaFX's powerful scene-graph and animation engine enables gamer types to rapidly create dynamic visual scenes that are functionally expressed through binding and triggers and timelines. On the other, it's growing controls and charts libraries clearly stake out a more traditional GUI turf. As interfaces finally graduate to the 21st century, the lines between these two worlds is blurring in exciting ways. Our challenge is to evolve the FX platform to support this convergence, which speaks precisely to why layout in JavaFX is complicated enough that it requires a blog series to explain...

In the Forums, skasab2s has a JTree Question: "Hello guys, I have the following question: I should implement a tree to represent a specific workflow. The standart JTree looks like this: A ... But how to make the tree expanding vertical? ..."

gouravgargg asks for help with a JPopupMenu on JXTree on Keyboard Event: "Hi , Thanks in Advance , Please tell how i can use JPopupMenu on JXTree with KeyBoard Event ( e.g. ContextKey ) without interaction of Mouse Action ?"

And turing09 has questions about SDK configuration: "I have my java SE SDK at C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_14 and jxta source (built using Ant) at C:\jxse-src-2.5. However when i try to compile a sample JXTA program, its not able to find the classes. What other configurations do i need to do, in order to..."

Our current Spotlight is Media Streams Player Release 1.0.0: The Media Streams Player Project has announced the release of Version 1.0.0: "Aalhamdulillah! Most probably this is going to be the very first release of a complete cross-platform media player which is written in the Java Programming Language. Media Streams Player is entirely written in the Java Programming Language using the Java Media Framework (JMF) API. This cross-platform media player can play Video & Audio files of most of the popular media file formats on different popular Hardware & OS platforms. This application is currently under development. But this demo version which is ready to be released is a stable version of the application. End users of the application can use the Windows version of the media player just downloading & installing the Windows executable of Media Streams Player. They can find it at the Home Page of the project located at the given URL."

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