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Java Store Update

Posted by editor on September 30, 2009 at 6:59 AM PDT

Danny Coward has posted Selling Applications, an update of the progress being made with the Java Store and the Java Warehouse. Danny says "the warehouse is really taking shape now," pointing us to the Java Warehouse video series. I included these in my August Java Store update, Revisiting the Java Warehouse and Java Store.

Noting that the Java store front "smells of new paint," Danny thanks the people who have contributed to the processing of improving the Java Store through participating in the Java Store survey.

While "the shelves are fast filling up with the kind of assortment of games, facebook and twittery map style apps you come to expect from an app store," the best news for developers who want to use the Java Store to earn income may be the "rumor" that a payment system for purchasing applications may soon be in place.

To me, being able to actually sell your applications is the game changer for professional developers.

In Java Today, peligri has an Updated List of Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop (GlassFish-related sessions):

I've updated the list of GlassFish-related sessions for
Oracle OpenWorld and
Oracle Develop
at our GlassFish Conferences Wiki. Some details still shimmering, but pretty nice list so far...

Adam Bien asks Does HTTPSession, Stateful Session Bean Replication / Clustering Actually Work in the Practice?

Stateful web/ejb components are convenient to use and maintain - they look and feel almost like real objects (see the perfect anti-facade). You don't have to synchronize the state between layers - after transaction everything is flushed transparently to the database. This happens without any expensive copying and data / DTO transformation between layers...

Danny Coward provides a Java Store update in Selling Applications:

Since the announcement of the href="">Java Store at the href="">last JavaOne, the team has
been busy. The warehouse
is really taking href="">shape now, and the href="">store
front smells of new paint with its final redesign ( href="">thanks
for the comments). There's a rumor that the href="">cash registers may arrive real
soon. And best of all, the shelves are fast filling up with the kind of
assortment of href="">games,
and twittery href="">map style apps you href="">come to expect from an app store ( href="">whether
people actually come or not)...

In today's Weblogs, Kohsuke Kawaguchi warns that Reading stdin may cause your JVM to hang:

Today I've digged deeper into one of the nastiest problems I ever encounted since I became a Java programmer. The problem was this - I have the Hudson slave agent program, which blocks on stdin for read almost all the time. This process uses other threads to perform other activities (what this thread does is actually driven by what it reads from stdin, but that's irrelevant to this bug.) On Windows, I've seen on several occasions that this process hangs...

Cay Horstmann talks about Alice 3, CS1, and Quaternions:

This semester, I am teaching the CS1 course again. If you just teach plain Java, it isn't easy to come up with interesting lab assignments. Some of the students have built exciting animations with Alice in the CS0 course. Somehow, they aren't as excited about printing prime numbers or digits of π in CS1. But the latest version of Alice, now in beta, can be programmed in Java. This is very cool. Students can write Java code that directs the Alice models. For example, one assignment asks students to make a Car class whose drive method moves the car and reduces the gas in the tank. (I couldn't find a gas gauge, so I used the cat clock. The tail moves to the left as the tank gets emptier.) I provide the code for moving the car and rotating the tail, and the students compute the gas consumption...

Kirill Grouchnikov announces the Substance 5.3 official release:

I am extremely pleased today to announce the availability of the final release for version 5.3 of Substance look-and-feel (code-named Reykjavik). The release notes for version 5.3 contain the detailed information on the contents of this release which include the following:

In the Forums, Shinya Ogino posted Help wanted: v3 localization: "Hi, If you are interested in localized version of GF v3, and following is *not* the language you speak, please consider reading a bit about CTI below. German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese..."

decitrig asks How can I set text formatting in JEditorPane on the fly? A custom view?: "I've been playing with the idea of implementing something like wikidpad[1]. The basic idea is that the user types in a text editor, and if the line they enter starts with, say, ++ it's renderd as a heading, if it starts with a * its an unordered list,..."

And matthixxy Can't create new Canvas3D in some cases; Error after program terminates: "I have a program where I show a large amount of vertexes (8*192k). On my computer everything works fine, but with an older laptop i have some problems. So I try to clear the Panel3D (subclass of Canvas3D) with..."

Our current Spotlight is this week's Economist magazine feature on "The power of mobile money": "mobile phones have evolved in a few short years to become tools of economic empowerment for the world’s poorest people. These phones compensate for inadequate infrastructure, such as bad roads and slow postal services, allowing information to move more freely, making markets more efficient and unleashing entrepreneurship ... With such phones now so commonplace, a new opportunity beckons: mobile money, which allows cash to travel as quickly as a text message..."

The current Poll asks "What do you think about the accelerating emergence of new languages for the JVM?" The poll will run through next Thursday.

Our Feature Articles include Jeff Lowery's A Finite State Machine Supporting Concurrent States, which demonstrates how Java enums and EnumSets can be used as a basis to define and validate application states and state transitions. We're also featuring Jeff Friesen's article Introducing Custom Paints to JavaFX, which shows how you can leverage undocumented JavaFX capabilities to support custom paints in JavaFX Version 1.2.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobile Podcast 87: Tranqueira project used LWUIT: "Eloi Junior from Brazil has just opened the Tranqueira project and shares his experience in using LWUIT."

Current and upcoming Java Events:

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-- Kevin Farnham

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