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Poll Result: Eclipse and NetBeans Are the Most Used IDEs

Posted by editor on October 9, 2009 at 8:06 AM PDT

This past week's poll suggests that Eclipse and NetBeans lead the way among IDEs, and are about equally popular. A total of 528 votes were cast. The exact question and results were:

Which IDE do you use?

  • 39% (207 votes) - NetBeans
  • 41% (216 votes) - Eclipse
  • 8% (42 votes) - Another IDE
  • 7% (38 votes) - Multiple of the above
  • 4% (21 votes) - I use a text editor
  • 1% (4 votes) - Other

The results suggest that NetBeans and Eclipse share a predominate position among IDEs, and are used by at least 80% of Java developers.

Three comments were posted. rdelaplante objected to IntelliJ IDEA not being specified among the options:

Leaving out IntelliJ IDEA is like leaving out Eclipse

denka gave that comment a "ditto," adding:

Sun bought the wrong company (hope this did not affect the poll selection)... But then so did Borland :)

I actually did think about making IntelliJ IDEA one of the options. But, then, I also considered the fact that there are other IDEs that have their own core group of advocates, and the options list had to be truncated somewhere. So, I explicitly named the IDEs that, based on what I've observed, probably have the biggest user communities -- namely, Eclipse and NetBeans. I'll assure denka that the fact that Sun supports had nothing to do with the decision to not give IntelliJ IDEA it's own slot.

If the actual poll results have any accuracy (the poll, of course, is not scientific), then my decision was the right one. If IntelliJ IDEA really is as important and as widely used as Eclipse, then the "Another IDE" option should have garnered the largest share of votes. But the actual votes cast for "Another IDE" was only about 20% of the votes cast for either Eclipse or NetBeans. Possibly IntelliJ IDEA is much more widely used than the poll suggests, but its users don't visit all that much?

New poll: GlassFish's future?

Yesterday, I studied the history of GlassFish downloads over the past four years, and noted that GlassFish appears to be on the cusp of a major leap in adoption. Staying on that subject, the new poll asks "What future do you foresee for GlassFish?" Voting will be open through next Thursday.

In Java Today, James Gosling is Heading to Oracle OpenWorld:

Next week should be real interesting: I'm spending a big chunk of it at Oracle's OpenWorld conference. I'll be helping out Scott at his keynote. As usual, I expect Scott to be fun :-). I'm
doing a talk the next day down the road at the Hilton where Oracle is holding their
conference. Sun is leading a number of sessions on enterprise topics. I'm going to try to stretch people's minds about what "enterprise" means.

Janice J. Heiss has a new article up on the Sun Developer Network, Oracle Develop Offers Updates on Java Technology:

Oracle OpenWorld 2009 begins on Sunday, October 11, and continues until October 15 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Oracle Develop, a premier developer conference for Oracle technologists sponsored by Sun Microsystems, takes place from October 11 to 13 at the nearby San Francisco Hilton. Oracle OpenWorld offers more than 1800 sessions, 400 partner exhibits, keynotes from the world's technology leaders, hands-on labs, several special networking events, and more...

Josh Marinacci has created SideHatch: a JavaFX debugging tool:


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"If IntelliJ IDEA really is

"If IntelliJ IDEA really is as important and as widely used as Eclipse, then the "Another IDE" option should have garnered the largest share of votes." Not really. I didn't bother voting because of it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. IntelliJ is one of the "big 3", not a fringe offering.

An IntelliJ IDEA users boycott

You know, I actually had written a sentence into this post to the effect of "maybe IntelliJ IDEA users boycotted the poll, because IntelliJ IDEA wasn't among the options." But I took that sentence out. So, you're saying that that was true for you...

I certainly apologize for having offended IntelliJ IDEA users (since it seems pretty clear that that's what has happened). I'm also very surprised by the level and fervor of the condemnation that leaving IntelliJ IDEA out of the options list has produced. I didn't think it was possible that something so simple as a little unscientific poll, where it is understood by all that the results are purely a function of who chooses to vote, could produce such a backlash. My apologies for deciding not to give IntelliJ IDEA its own option!

A silly poll

I guess your next poll will prove that 80% of web sites are running on Glassfish. It is really sad to see the editor conducting biased polls to draw unscientific conclusions.

Please consider contributing your own poll

sallamar: as I frequently state in my posts about the polls (including this post), polls are not scientific. Hence the results merely reflect the views of the people who chose to participate in the poll. The polls are just for fun, really.

What I really don't understand, though, is what you mean by "biased"? Please explain.

Finally, I very much welcome suggestions for polls from the community. I wish I had a steady supply of them. If you have an idea for a poll, please send it to me using our "Submit Content" page. I'd be happy to run a poll that you consider neither biased nor silly (as long as it's somehow related to or of interest to the community).