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Why I Thought I'd Be at Oracle Open World 2009

Posted by editor on October 13, 2009 at 4:43 AM PDT

I had planned to attend Oracle Open World 2009. Not that anyone had suggested that my duties as editor might require that. I was just thinking, over the summer, that a confluence of many different strands of my past and present career seemed to point to me attending Oracle Open World this year.

For example, I've worked with fairly high-end Sun servers in a data center environment almost constantly since 1993. There have actually been two different data centers (though they were constructed for the same organization). The first one didn't involve enormous database activity, so we used PostgreSQL. The second data center was designed from the start to utilize a database as the centerpoint of the structural organization for the data processing. For that data center (which has been fully operational for some time now), an Oracle database was selected. Hmm.. Sun meets Oracle...

Meanwhile, more than a year ago, I was managing editor for BEA's developer sites, when Oracle acquired BEA. That transition introduced me to Oracle from a new point of view -- it was a partner role, as I assisted in the transition, working directly with people from Oracle as well as from BEA. In the data center, I'm an Oracle user and customer. With the BEA transition, I was (briefly) a member of the Oracle team.

But, then I moved on...

This must have been a trying period for Oracle. Because it soon became obvious that they really missed working with me! After less than a year of not hearing my voice in meetings, they apparently searched the net, and found out that I was now working as editor. And so (I hope I don't get in trouble for saying this), the truth is: it was actually as a means of bringing me back into their status meetings that Oracle decided to acquire Sun. How strange life is, no? [Editor's Note: of course, no such meetings have taken place to this point; nor does the writer have any specific knowledge that what is stated here is true, nor can it be independently verified, etc., etc.]

Considering all of these things, I really thought attending Oracle Open World 2009 was going to happen for me. It really would have fit in perfectly, don't you think? I even registered early on for a pass that would let me visit the exhibition hall... As things turned out, it was not to be.

Fortunately, though, many members of the community are either presenting at Oracle Open World 2009 or reporting on it. All three Java Today entries and one of today's highlighted blogs have as their topic this year's conference. In addition, Sun's communications group sent me an email invitation to join them at Oracle Open World. The message includes a link to Sun sessions at the conference.

So, I'm watching Oracle Open World 2009 with great interest this week -- but (alas!) from afar.

In Java Today, the Java User Groups Community is highlighting Java Champions & JUG Leaders Meet Oracle User Group leaders at Oracle Open World 2009 -- Sun Oct 11th:

Several JUG Leaders and Java Champions checked out Oracle Open World. Sunday activities were centered around events and presentations run by the various Oracle User Groups. JUG Leaders and Champions: met up with the Sun Community Program Mgr and Coordinator at check-in; attended an oracle user group session; checked-out the Hands-On Labs at Oracle Develop (Hilton); attended the Sunday Kick-Off Keynote; and, met up with the Oracle User Group Leaders (i.e. in the evening for an impromptu social mixer at the Marriott. JUG and OUG leaders had lots to talk about. Discussions centered around Java Technology, Java EE, JDeveloper, NetBeans, Eclipse, Garbage Collection, and Community building tools/websites...

peligri posted One More Update on OpenWorld and GlassFish:

Oracle OpenWorld started today.
Family commitments didn't let me go there today (do check
OpenWorld Live)
but I'm planning to be there Mon-Wed.
I just tried to capture a few of the events I want to attend and it is as bad as JavaOne -
actually, OOW seems worse, but I'm just sampling it, while I try to be exhaustive with J1. I created a Mini-Calendar to help me track what I want to attend (ha!); you are welcome to check it but beware I've not had time to double check it yet and I need to add events also...

Arun Gupta provides Oracle Open World 2009 - Day 1 Report:

Sun Microsystems is the innovation sponsor of Oracle Open World 2009. And that's what was the theme of Scott McNealy's keynote on a "Sun"day. It's been a while that I've seen Scott on the keynote stage and it truly was an enjoyable experience. In his characteristic way, he gave top 10 reasons that "Engineers have gone wild" as...

In today's Weblogs, Cay Horstmann reports on Oracle OpenWorld Day Zero:

Aaron Houston, the fearless leader of the Java Champions, got me a blogger pass to Oracle OpenWorld. Here is what I learned on the opening night. If you thought Java One is big, Oracle OpenWorld seems bigger. The keynote was packed - and that on a Sunday night! The party afterwards was not in the cavernous Moscone center, but in tents on Howard Street and around Yerba Buena Gardens. The food was better than at Java One, and drinks were free, just like in the good old days of Java One. But, and that's a big but, you've got to love red. Red was everywhere. Scott McNealy presided over the evening keynote, and even he wore a maroon sweater, the closest he could come to red, he said...

Felipe Gaucho describes Java EE Continuous Integration powered by Maven & Glassfish:

Can you compile, deploy and test your Java EE projects with just
1 line of command? Check it out. I have no time for documentations lately, but I prefer to give you a chance to early adopt my build script and take your own conclusions. Following the steps below, you will have my Java EE 5 application running in your Glassfish v2.1 server - including test data populated in the MySql database....

And Sahoo asks Should Class.getAnnotations fail if an annotation type is not available?:

While evaluating a GlassFish bug, I discovered a discrepancy in behavior of Class.getAnnotations() between IBM JRE and Sun JRE. the complex GlassFish issue boiled down to a simple test case as discussed below. The question is what should be the behavior of Class.getAnnotations() if one or more annotation class is not available at runtime. Consider the following test case...

In the Forums, digitalsol needs a J2ME library with font size change possibility: "Hello all, I need a J2ME solution which possesses font size change option (including the text on the commands). So far I know that the J2ME Polish library have this possibility. Only few standard J2ME lcdui components can change their text..."

aliatis finds that Object collision not works: "Hi, guys. The object collision don't work properly. I load a model of Sketchup and the avatar can pass trough it. The collision checkbox is enabled. What's wrong? ..."

And cpsudhar is seeing a Sony Ericsson compatibility issue!!!: "I created a simple app using netbeans... the app works fine with my friends Nokia mobile but when i try to send the jar to my Sony Ericsson W580i... after the file transfer completes my phone says "Operation Failed"... Can someone please tell..."

Our current Spotlight is the JavaFXpert RIA Exemplar Challenge. The JUGs Community reports: Java Champion Jim Weaver has a serious JavaFX contest going on. "Create an application in JavaFX that exemplifies the appearance and behavior of a next-generation enterprise RIA (rich internet application)". Entries must be submitted in the form of a NetBeans project by 00:00 GMT on 10 January 2010.

The current Poll asks What future do you foresee for GlassFish? The poll will run through Thursday.

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The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobile Podcast 88: Robert Virkus of Enough Software: 'A conversation with Robert Virkus of Enough Software about J2MEPolish and the "Mobile Deverloper's Guide to the Galaxy."'

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-- Kevin Farnham

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