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Java Tools Community Update: Newsletter 204 and More

Posted by editor on October 20, 2009 at 5:23 AM PDT

The Java Tools Community has just published the 204th edition of the JavaTools Community Newsletter. Among the lead stories in this issue is the upcoming ServerSide Symposium 2009 in Prague:

JavaTools will be at TheServerSide Symposion this year in order to bring you the latest news. TheServerSide Java Symposium is a 2 day conference with 4 tracks on Frameworks, Architectures, Languages and Tools & Techniques. The conference will be on October 27th-28th in Prague, Czech Republic. JavaTools will send two reporters to cover as much of the conference as possible, so stay tuned for the news! If you want to join us there, be quick, there's only two weeks left to register...

Actually, there's less than a week to register now, since the Symposium takes place next Monday and Tuesday. The symposium sounds quite good. Its focus is addressing the need to make rapid progress on projects within the context of a small budget. The four tracks are designed to "address exactly how you can accelerate your organization's projects for the next 6-18 months":

  • The Frameworks track "looks at the variety of frameworks that ease and accelerate the building of applications, application components, and user interfaces."
  • The Architecture track "focuses on the structure behind applications, examining different approaches to designing applications that perform and scale, including SOA, REST, messaging, JSON, and OSGi."
  • The Language track "looks into emerging features of the Java language and provides in-depth expert recommendations on the use of Java and complementary languages in daily practice."
  • The Tools and Techniques) track "takes a look at the proliferation of tools available to design and build high-quality applications."

I'll be looking forward to the reporting by the Java Tools Community reporters.

The newsletter also highlights Apple's fixing of 15 Java-related security holes and a long list of new Java tools that have recently been released. This issue's "Tools Tips" is titled "Packaging your application and its dependencies in a .jar file" and talks about Maven's shade plugin.

On the Java Tools home page, the recent Interview with Sven Reimers, Winner of Duke Award 2009 is highlighted:

Fabrizio Giudici interviews fellow NetBeans Dream Team member Sven Reimers about his Duke Award win and his NetBeans Satellite Tracking System, a desktop app based on the NetBeans Platform.

If that interests you, you might also want to check out the Java Tools SQE Roundtable podcast that I recorded at this year's JavaOne. While that conversation focused primarily on the SQE (Software Quality Environment) project, the conversation naturally included the Duke Award, which had just been announced, and the NetBeans Satellite Tracking System.

In Java Today, James Gosling has posted My slides from Oracle Openworld:

Several folks have asked for copies of my slides from Oracle Openworld. Unfortunately, there's no printable form of them, since I did them as a JavaFX app. You'll find them at
which will launch the app (with all it's rather large images) via JNLP. If you're curious about the sources, they're on
kenai. The code is pretty ugly: I just slapped it together. I'm not proud :-) The code for the map browsing component is in there too. It uses the tile server from (Click and drag with the mouse to move, scroll wheel to zoom). I kinda like the map browsing component, so I'm cleaning up the source and I'll push it out to kenai as a separate project sometime soon....

Ryan Lubke announces that Mojarra 2.0.0 is available!:

Mojarra 2.0.0 is now available! There are several ways to obtain the release.

Please review the release notes as there are important details there pertaining to differences between the implementation and the specification as well as a basic migration guide from 1.2 to 2.0 (note that this is a live document, so we'll be making additions - check back regularly)...

Joseph Darcy announced OpenJDK 6: b17 Source Bundle Published:

On October 16, the
source bundle for OpenJDK 6 b17 was published. Major changes in this build include the latest round of security fixes and, courtesy of Andrew John Hughes, the syncing of HotSpot 14 into the OpenJDK 6 HotSpot repository. A detailed list of all the changes is also available.

In today's Weblogs, Binod talks about SailFin CAFE: Implementing a simple conference application:

Hope you have read my blog on "Writing your first SailFin CAFE Application". There I explained how to handle a 2-party call using SailFin CAFE. Now lets see how can you write a simple conference application. The application would accept the calls from any participant and if the participant is calling a conference id, then the application should use a media server, handle SDP, mix the voice, apart from handling the necessary SIP signalling. If you are writing such an application with SIP Servlets and JSR 309 Media control API, it would take serveral pages of code like this...

Java Champion Manfred Riem announces a new minicast in Refactor a block of code into a method using NetBeans:

A minicast that shows you how to refactor a block of code into a method using NetBeans.

Scott Oaks has some Fun With JStack:

Avid readers of the glassfish aliases know that we are frequently asked questions about why their server isn't responding, or why it is slow, or how many requests are being worked on. And the first thing we always say is to look at the jstack output. So you're running on a Sun 5120 with 128 hardware threads and so you have 368 request processing threads and the jstack output is 10K lines. Now what? What I do is use the program attached to this blog entry -- it will parse the jstack output and show how many threads are doing what. At it's simplest, it's something like this...

In the Forums, Florian Poulin is interested in Controlling a webservice client through JMX: "Hello, From a JMX client (written in Groovy) I'd like to "tell" a Webservice client (deployed on Glassfish) to make calls to a Webservice (which is exposed in another project on the same Glassfish). My goal is to use..."

emallin is seeing an AWT-EventQueue Deadlock on Safari 4: "Hi, Since the release of Safari 4, I've had problems on MAC OSX with our Swing application, which includes an embedded JDIC browser. I've been following the thread..."

And darryl_m has a Transaction problem when persisting Entity class: "I have an application with several classes. One class (A) is a message-driven bean. When a message comes into A, it calls a stateless session bean (B), through it's BLocal interface. B has a container-managed PersistenceContext. I have several other..."

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