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Geertjan Discovers Financial Applications on the NetBeans Platform

Posted by editor on November 9, 2009 at 8:55 AM PST

In this week's Spotlight, I'm highlighting Geertjan Wielenger's Financial Applications on the NetBeans Platform. For quite a while, Geerjan has been searching the web for applications that are built on the NetBeans platform. He's found applications for business, scientific research, mapping, and a whole lot more. He sometimes uses the phrase and acronym "Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application" (YANPA) as he adds new apps to his list of discoveries.

In this past Friday's post, Geertjan writes about the use of the NetBeans platform by two large financial corporations: Experian and Société Générale. These apps aren't publicly available, but Geerjan knows about them from a NetBeans developer mailing list.

However, there are other financial applications built on the NetBeans platform that are publicly available. These apps are smaller in scope, intended, for example, for personal finance. Geerjan mentions two of these:

  • CashForward - a household financial recording keeping and budgeting application;
  • GrisbiGraphs - a reporting and graphing application for use with the Grisbi open source personal accounting application.

Undoubtedly there are more financial applications built on the NetBeans platform. If you know of any, and you'd like to help Geerjan extend the finance category within his YANPA catalog, post a comment to his Financial Applications on the NetBeans Platform post.

In Java Today, the Java Tools Community will be covering the W-JAX'09 Conference this week in Munich, Germany, using the @JavaTools Twitter account.

peligri previews GlassFish at Devoxx 2009:

The Devoxx conference is around the corner (in just over a week) and will take place in Antwerp, Belgium as every year, only a bit earlier than usual (December was just too close to the Christmas holidays). This week-long conference runs as follows: the first two days are 3-hour sessions to go deeper into the technology (they're called University sessions). The regular conference starts on the third day and offers keynotes and 1-hour sessions. Devoxx also has "Tools in actions" (30-minute), "BOFs", Quickies (15-minute), white boards, and more...

Arun Gupta tells us about Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 swimming to Amsterdam - JFall 2009:

JFall is the annual conference of NL JUG - the 11 year old JUG of Netherlands. This year its happening on Nov 11 at SPANT! I'll be speaking on Java EE 6 & GlassFish v3 (14:20 - 15:10) there and have lots of cool demos to show through out the talk. And also stay tuned for a brand new demo that shows JavaFX and GlassFish v3 integration.

In today's Weblogs, Daniele Dellafiore talks about his article Multi brand (skinned) application with Maven 2 and Wicket (take 1):

In this two part article, I will explain how to configure a web application built with Maven to support "branding", or skinning. That is, support different distribution skinned with particular images, logo, background, text. In the end we just want to keep separated the static contents and choose the right set when we package our application so that the result is a war with just the content for a single company. I call this a branded distribution using brand as a similar work for skinning. Brand looks more enterprise and general than skinning, anyway :)

In the second part of the article I will also cover the Wicket side of the story. The Maven side works by himself, anyway...

Aaron Houston introduces himself in his first post My Name is Aaron! I work with Java User Groups and Java Community Leaders:

Awhile ago, the Program Manager approached me about blogging about some of the day-to-day interactions I've had with the Java community over the years, primarily the Java User Groups (JUGs) and Java Champions program. I get a ton of email from folks who are interested in starting a Java User Group and want to know how to get started. Honestly, I tell them, the best place to learn about Java User Groups and "community" is from an acting JUG leader. And there are plenty of them right here on -- JOIN their mailing list. Over 150 JUG leaders participate in the JUG Leader's mailing list on It is a vibrant and passionate community; It has always been a rewarding experience (for me) to talk to these folks about tips on how to grow their local groups and learn about more about Java...

Jean-Francois Arcand poses a question an has the answer in Servlet 3.0 Asynchronous API or Atmosphere? Easy decision!:

One the comment I'm getting about Atmosphere is why should I use the framework instead of waiting for Servlet 3.0 Async API. Well, it simple: much simpler, works with any existing Java WebServer (including Google App Engine!), and will auto-detect the Servlet 3.0 Async API if you deploy your application on a WebServer that support it....

In the Forums, lastw0nd3r has a problem: Need Help Regarding Deletion(Text area): "Hi everyone, I am new to swing, it's been few months. Can anyone tell me how to use delete() method to delete a text written in the text area? I have it as a menu item, i have added an action listener for that and a shortcut..."

Antonio Goncalves is seeing java.err.nojdk with Intellij Idea 9.0beta: "Hi, I'm developping a simple JSP in Intellij Idea 9.0beta and using GlassFish v3b70. When I deploy my JSP into GlassFish (from Idea 9) I get a : org.apache.jasper.JasperException: java.err.nojdk That's because..."

And p431i7o asks about codes: "Hello all again. I'm wondering where we can found the code that were on the site... I see so many tutorials that references to that site, but when i click on the link, never the server is found, and none references to the new..."

Our current Spotlight is Geertjan Wielenga's post Financial Applications on the NetBeans Platform: "Experian and Société Générale both have invested in the NetBeans Platform, by using it as the basis of one or more of their applications. And these two are not exactly small organizations. Experian is a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services and a constituent of the United Kingdom's FTSE 100 index, with revenues in excess of US$4 billion, while Société Générale is France's second-largest bank by market value. How do I know that these organizations are using the NetBeans Platform? By looking in the mailing list..."

The current Poll asks What do you think about the Java Store's recent progress? The poll will run through Thursday.

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-- Kevin Farnham

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