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Java EE and EJBs in the News

Posted by editor on November 18, 2009 at 1:54 PM PST

Today's home page features two Java Today items and one blog that cover different aspects of Java EE. Adam Bien writes about the current state of adoption of EJB 3 / Java EE; peligri covers the JavaEE 6 specs that have been submitted to the Executive Committee; and Masoud Kalili provides an overview on the state of open source Java EE app servers.

At this past JavaOne, I recorded a Community Corner podcast with Adam, "Real World Java EE Patterns: Rethinking Best Practices". As our conversation proceeded, I was surprised to learn how lightweight EJBs can actually be. Yet, EJBs offer well-tested infrastructural capabilities and scalability that would be very difficult to match if you started from scratch.

In this sense, if someone is starting a web site that offers a service of some type, to build the service from the ground up using Java EE is probably a wise decision. You may not need all the capabilities of EJBs when your site is small. But if it suddenly becomes famous, and the number of users who want your services multiplies by orders of magnitude, you're not going to have time to say "OK, now we'll redesign our product so that it scales!" It doesn't work that way. You may have only one chance. If your site becomes unusable because it can't scale at that critical moment, attention (and your audience and future customer base) may quickly move to someone else's service.

In Java Today, Adam Bien write ... And the Adoption of EJB 3 / Java EE Is::

far better than expected. The landscape:

  1. Java EE 5 is already supported by 14 (all major) application servers.
  2. Java EE 6 is already supported by Glassfish 3 and partially by JBoss 6.0 and Geronimo.

The adoption is harder to estimate - but it seems like Java EE 5 (6 is too early) and EJB 3 are gaining momentum. The w-jax conference is over - it was interesting to observe some indicators ...

peligri outlines The Road Towards JavaEE 6 - Specs Submitted to EC:

The last batch of JSR's for JavaEE 6 were submitted earlier this week for Final Approval Ballot .
The ballot will start on 11/17/09 and end on 11/30/09. They are:

JSR 316 - JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) Specification

JSR 315 - JavaTM Servlet 3.0 Specification

JSR 317 - JavaTM Persistence 2.0

JSR 318 - Enterprise JavaBeansTM 3.1

JSR 322 - JavaTM EE Connector Architecture 1.6

JSR-299 - Web Beans (now called CDI)

Several JSRs had been submitted and approved previously...

The Mobile & Embedded Community is highlighting the JT Harness 4.2.1 Milestone Release:

The JT Harness 4.2.1 milestone release contains a large number of bug fixes, including fixes in the following areas:

  • Fixed update problems in the test tree
  • Cleaned up potential NPEs and other exceptions
  • Test Panel now displays test output streams during test run
  • "Quick Pick" execution from test tree now includes a preference to control usage of the Tests to Run configuration setting
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Added service management API ...

In today's Weblogs, Masoud Kalili provides an overview on the State of Open Source Java EE Application Servers:

This is a very basic review of active and available open source
Java EE Application servers and Servlet container (Web containers) to let the community know which active containers are available and what is the general status of each container. The article can simply act as a start point for anyone need to select one of them for later use in development or product. Detailed comparison of these production cover many pages of a tick book...

Binod demonstrates Typing Detection in SailFin CAFE:

RFC 3994 standardized how SIP applications implement "Indication of Messages" or "Typing detection" at protocol level. SailFin CAFE provides a simple way to detect typing using a Communication Bean. Also a web application can send a "Message Indication" to a SIP client. Here is the code that implements receiving Instant Messages and Message Indication from a SIP client.

Fabrizio Giudici talks about Using Apple Keynote to create presentations:

No, this is not a tutorial about Apple Keynote, but a first impression from me, who have just used it for the first time. Historically, I've always made presentations with Powerpoint (up to 2001) and OpenOffice Impress (since 2001). So far so good, even though I've always felt a bit of pain, before giving a speech, in preparing the slides. In other words, I *love* to give speeches, but the idea of preparing the slides often make me think twice before sending a proposal to a call for paper. I much prefer talks where most of the time is a hands-on session with a tool such as NetBeans; but in a way or another, you always needs a bit of theory to be introduced...

In the Forums, bbrtki finds that swingx1.0 setDragEnabled(true) breaks additive JXTreetable selection on Mac: "Odd enough, this works fine on windows. I don't think this needs an example code as it can be tested on any JXTreetable as soon as you call setDragEnabled(true). Shift + click selection works fine. Apple (ctrl key for single..."

mark13 gets an Error while running "I have successfully build the stack and HE. But when I try to run the script it's giving me following error. I cannot nderstand the reason for this. I'm very new to this. Please help Thanks in advance. $ ./ -setup..."

iclarence posted Query is executed against CMP Bean insted of table in GF 2.1: "Hi, I am new to j2ee, trying to develop cmp bean created connection pool and got "Ping Succeeded " created jdbc resource everything is ok.but whle invoking findbyprimarykey,create method getting Exception. JDO74004: Bean 'EmpBean'..."

Our current Spotlight is Josh Marinacci's new JavaFX open source Project MaiTai: "What is MaiTai? MaiTai is an open source tool for building interactive artwork. You create interesting sketches by wiring different blocks together with lines. There are blocks to produce graphics, process mouse and keyboard inputs, connect to webservices, and perform complex graphical transformations. The end result is limited only by your imagination. MaiTai can export a Java Webstart application or a QuickTime movie..."

The new Poll asks Do you belong to a Java User Group? The poll will run through Thursday.

Our Feature Articles lead off with Sanjay Dasgupta's new in-depth article Simplify Native Code Access with JNA. We're also featuring Eric Siegelberg's Using a Service Delegate to Avoid MVC Controller Bloat, which describes how to maintain separation of concerns and avoid MVC controller bloat through the use of service delegates. And, our latest Java Tech guest column is Marina Kamahele's "Transparent" Panel - Mixing Heavyweight and Lightweight Components.

The latest Java Mobility Podcast is Java Mobile Podcast 90: Augmented Reality: Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 Augmented Reality session with Kenneth Andersson and Erik Hellman of Sony Ericsson.

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-- Kevin Farnham

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