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Animation: Footnotes, and Looking Ahead

Posted by editor on January 14, 2010 at 5:47 AM PST

Kirill Grouchnikov talks about the origins of his series of animations posts and looks ahead in his latest post Animations - footnotes. First, how did the series come about?

The animation series that was published on this blog last week has been largely the product of reworking the animation layer in Substance look-and-feel and replacing it with the Trident animation library.

So, when some people posted comments asking if they could see actual code that implements the laws of motion and other aspects of animation that Kirill was presenting, the response was that much of the code exists in the upcoming versions of Kirill's open source projects, specifically Trident, which is being integrated into Substance. But, since this is new code, developers who have existing applications that use these open source libraries may need to make some modifications to their apps, in order to take advantage of the new animation features:

If you're using Substance look-and-feel library in your applications, you will need to add the matching Trident jar to your classpath