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In the Spotlight: LWUIT Featured App Gallery

Posted by editor on March 1, 2010 at 8:48 AM PST

This week's Spotlight is the LWUIT Featured App Gallery, and along with it, Shai Almog's related post, "Latest & Greatest In The LWUIT Featured Apps Gallery". If you haven't visited the featured app gallery before, it provides multiple screenshots of about 80 different LWUIT applications. LWUIT, in case you're not familiar with it, is the Lightweight UI Toolkit. It's a project hosted on Here's the project preface:

Writing appealing cross device applications today in Java ME is challenging. Due to implementation differences in fonts, layout, menus, etc. the same application may look and behave very differently on different devices. In addition much of the advanced UI functionality is not accessible in LCDUI and requires the developer to write very low level "paint" type code. The Lightweight UI Toolkit was developed to address these issues. The Lightweight UI Toolkit makes it very easy to create compelling UI's that will look and behave the same on all devices using a programming paradigm similar to Swing. This Toolkit is able to run on CLDC1.1 MIDP2.0/CDC PBP/SE.

LWUIT Version 1.3 was released on December 15, 2009. There is an LWUIT blog, and a fairly active LWUIT forum. There are video demos of LWUIT available on YouTube. A tutorial is available: slides (PDF) and accompanying audio (Jonathan Knudsen) and sample code (a NetBeans project). And, there is a hands-on exercise that includes a design document (PDF) and skeleton project (a NetBeans project).

Shai's post highlights 13 recent additions to the gallery, including Drum Box (pictured above). Drum Box is:

a pattern based drum sequencer with over 40 drum instruments to choose from. Works on most recent Nokia and Sony Ericson handsets. Edit patterns, string them together into a song, and export it as a MIDI file to play as a ringtone, or to import into a desktop music package.

The Itiner application:

[provides] users with traveller's information on mobile phones.Thanks to the effective data compression, the application displays public transportation timetables without the need for Internet connection (off-line).Cooperating with the bus or tram tracking system in a city, it can provide information about real waiting times for a given line (on-line).

See Shai's post for more recent additions to the gallery, or visit the LWUIT Featured App Gallery itself to view screenshots of 80 or more LWUIT applications.

In Java Today, Joe Darcy talks about Notions of Floating-Point Equality:

Moving on from identity and equality of objects, different notions of equality are also surprisingly subtle in some numerical realms. As comes up from time to time and is often surprising, the "==" operator defined by IEEE 754 and used by Java for comparing floating-point values (JLSv3 §15.21.1) is not an equivalence relation. Equivalence relations satisfy three properties, reflexivity (something is equivalent to itself), symmetry (if a is equivalent to b, b is equivalent to a), and transitivity (if a is equivalent to b and b is equivalent to c, then a is equivalent to c)....

The JavaTools Community announced JavaTools Community Newsletter - Issue 210:

A new edition of the newsletter is available, with news, new projects and tips! If you want to receive the newsletter by email, please subscribe the announcements mailing list - or read the current issue here.

Adam Bien notes that Jigsaw / JDK 1.7 Will Be the Solution for 80% of the Modularization Challenges:

Jigsaw will come with JDK 1.7 and is now part of the openjdk project and so opensource. Other JDK implementations could simply reuse it.It will become interesting, because: 1. It will be shipped with every Oracle / Sun JDK 1.7 (at least it was the plan). 2. Jigsaw will partition JDK 1.7 and will be loaded before most of the rt.jar code. So is already there - no reason to introduce another framework. 3. Its pragmatic: you can split packages across modules...

In the Weblogs, Markus Karg presents Database Schema Viewer: What do you like to see added?:

For meanwhile more than 25 years I am writing computer programs. More than a decade I spent with programs accessing databases, virtually always relational ones. I soon learned that this is rather hard work. Not only that you need to know about the theory behind RDBMS iself, but also you need to know the technical APIs (like ODBC, ADO, RDO, JDBC, JDO, JPA, CMP, ...), the structure of the database itself ("Schema": table names, keys, data types, etc.) and it's management system (like Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase, etc.). And certainly there are lots of tools. I've seen come-and-go so much different tools, all of them blown with lots of never used features. Each different to use and to install...

Jean-Francois Bonbhel has written his first blog post, Welcome in my page at

Hi, Welcome in my page at, thanks for Sun, Oreilly and  community. I'm already blogging here, but in this blog,  there will be another things related to Java technologies, JUGs in Africa, the  sense of community and belonging among Java developper in Africa and some time  the point de vue of Java community in Africa etc...

Bhavani Shankar documents Running SailFin CAFE applications on Oracle Communications Converged Application Server -- preliminary notes:

Installing OCCAS: Install OCCAS 4.0 under directory /opt/oracle (here in after referred to as OCCAS_HOME), and configure a domain by running OCCAS_HOME/wlserver_10.3/common/bin/ (with all default options). With that, you will have a domain created at OCCAS_HOME/user_projects/domains/base_domain...

In the Forums, okaner is working on a LWUIT screen UPDATING problem: hi .. I have an interesting problem with LWUIT.. LWUIT does not refresh or does not paint screen, after spend some time in program... I think, it could be related with free memory... If i put program to background and then if i bring it to...

ltouve has questions regarding Running Glassfish in an existing Felix Installation: I'm trying to run glassfish (the latest V3 release) within our existing Felix installation (Version 2.0.1). I've tried using Sahoo's embeddedgf deployer, but I'm having problems. I'm also using Felix's web admin console. When I start the embeddedgf...

In the Java SE forum, neighbor demonstrates a Memory leak of java.lang.ref.WeakReference objects inside JDK classes: The following simple code reproduces the growth of java.lang.ref.WeakReference objects in the heap: public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { while (true) { ...

Our current Spotlight is the LWUIT Featured App Gallery: Shai Almog's recent blog post, "Latest & Greatest In The LWUIT Featured Apps Gallery", highlights 13 new applications from the LWUIT Featured App Gallery. Multiple views of each application are presented. Currently 80 different LWUIT apps are featured in the gallery.

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