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JUG-AFRICA Promotes Continent-Wide Collaboration

Posted by editor on March 2, 2010 at 5:44 AM PST

Yesterday and today, I've featured the first two blog posts by Jean-Francois Bonbhel on the home page. Jean-Francois is the founder of JUG-AFRICA, an umbrella for Java User Groups located in Africa. The objective behind JUG-AFRICA is to help African JUGs "collaborate globally in ways that will ultimately benefit Java developer communities locally."

As he says in his latest post, "Did you say JUG ? Java User ... What ?", Jean-Francois is a relative newcomer to Java User Groups:

Is it still possible to ask this question in 2010? Isn’t the answer obvious? Well no! It was the question I was asking myself three years ago, even though I had been working as a consultant and Java trainer for seven years. In 2007, my ex-colleague Éric Marcoux (Oracle ACE Director) suggested I join JUG Québec (Canada). I said JUG ? Java User…What?

But, after attending JavaOne in 2008, he quickly recognized the benefits of the type of interaction and collaboration that Java user groups facilitate:

Several months later, I went to JavaOne 2008 and when I saw so many developers, architects, engineers from so many countries and so many amazing projects... and heard Matt Thompson (ex-SUN) and nearly 40 JUG Leaders talk about importance of the Java community at «Think Globally and Act Locally» session and met Micheal Levin the co-founder of the impressive West African JUG in Senegal, the question wasn’t «What’s a JUG?» anymore but rather «How can a sense of community and belonging be fostered among Java developper in Africa ?». For me the need of JUG-AFRICA became evident.

All African JUGs are invited to participate in JUG-AFRICA. To stay in touch with JUG-AFRICA happenings, all that's necessary is to subscribe to one or both of the JUG-AFRICA mailing lists.

JUG-AFRICA is off to an impressive start. Already, 12 African JUGs are affiliated with JUG-AFRICA:

Country JUG JUG-AFRICA Contact
Country JUG JUG-AFRICA Contact
 Nigeria  AbujaJug  Bulama Yusuf
 Congo (Kinshasa)  RDC-JUG
 Popol Kayembe
 Togo  TogoJUG  Bertin Abiassi
 Egypt  MUFIX  Hamada Zahera
 Congo (Brazzaville)    CongoJUG   Jean-François Bonbhel  
 Cameroun  CamerJUG
 Georges Youmbi
 Tunisia  TnJUG  Fadj Zayen
 Egypt  EGJUG  Ahmed Hashim
 Malia  MaliJUG  Issa Douroure
 Senegal(West Africa)  The West African Java User's Group  Lamine Ba and Michael Levin
 Angola  Guj-Ang  Josemar Magalhàes
 Marocco  MaroccanJUG  Moncef Fadal

Jean-Francois concludes his Did you say JUG? post with:

After talking with Java developpers across Africa, I think JUG-AFRICA could help address

  • How to take part in international and regional events ?
  • How to increase the visibility of the communities accross the word ?
  • How to create link with Java communities across the word ?

As lukman_jaji says in his comment to the post, JUG-AFRICA is a "wonderful idea."

In Java Today, James Gosling reports that Life@Oracle is starting busy...:

The "on the Java road" part of my job@Oracle is starting with a busy time: * I'll be starting off at TheServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas. I'll be doing a keynote and a panel. EE 6 will be front and center. With luck, the Demo Gods will smile ;~) * Then I'll be at Tech Days in Hyderabad, India. Tasty food, sunshine, and enthusiastic developers are a great combination. * After a week back home, I'll be at the Tech Days event in St Petersburg, Russia (not Florida: no dolphins swimming by the hotel's beach)...

Terrence Barr provides a reminder: JavaOne 2010 – Call for Papers (closes March 14):

Just wanted to make sure you’ve seen this: As reported before, JavaOne will be co-located with Oracle OpenWorld the week of September 19, 2010. The Call for Papers (CFP) went out a couple of days ago. This year’s topics related to the mobile, media, and embedded space are: * Java ME and Mobile; * Java for Devices, Card, and TV; * The Java Frontier (aka “Cool Stuff”)...

On the Continuous Blog, Tyler Ballance invites us to Learn about CI with Hudson (SF Java User Group):

A few weeks ago our fearless leader Kohsuke Kawaguchi joined the San Francisco Java Users Group to talk about continuous integration with Hudson. Thanks to Marakana for organizing the meetup, and Aleksandar Gargenta for posting the video and slides, embedded below...

In other Weblogs, Juliano Viana talks about Java Enterprise Development - 2010 style:

I woke up the other day and realized its 2010. When I was a kid, year 2000 was far, far away (well not quite, but hey when you are 7 years old 13 years is a long time). In 2001 we were supposed to be colonyzing the moon.  In 2010, Jupiter would be within our reach.  And there are reliable reports indicating that  9 years from now flying cars and aritificial life forms should be common place. I must admit: the kid within me feels kind of disappointed. On the other hand...

Masoud Kalili tells us How to prepare for, and install GoDaddy SSL certificate into GlassFish v3:

Here are steps showing you how to prepare and install a SSL certificate purchased from Godaddy into GlassFish v3 server. To learn more about Godaddy certificates and step to buy a certificate you need to take a look at After you understand what Godaddy offer and whether it suites your requirement you can use the following steps to get and install the certificate into GlassFish. Generate a keypair for your server using the following command...

In the Forums, galato is seeing issues with JXME to JXME: Hi all, I have two JXME peers residing behind a firewall/NAT both discovering a RDV/RLY peer that is in the public domain. Once each peer discovers the PipeID of the server pipe that each one of them advertizes they both get into a loop...

In the GlassFish forum, s1024 has a question regarding v2ur2 log settings: How do I set the logging so that the file size is the default 2 MB but have no more than say 10 log files. I think we can set the time, but that is not sufficient in my situation. If there is no such setting, then does anyone have a fix for the problem?

Idanjose has a question about the LWUIT Calender: Hi , Do anybody know, how to set the focus to the current date on the calender?? When I opened the calender, the date is getting set to the date I want , but the focus is not the set on the same date, the focus is on a random date depends on te...

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