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Featured Project: UAMath - Universally Applicable Mathematics Calculator Suite

Posted by editor on March 25, 2010 at 5:49 AM PDT

In my 30+ years in the software engineering industry, I've made most of my money developing software that is used by scientists, and also engineers who build instruments that have some sort of utility for scientific research. So, I was quite interested when the owner of the UAMath project contacted me, filling me in on some of the capabilities of this interesting open source project.

The full title of the UAMath project is "Universally Applicable Mathematics Calculator Suite"; a broader description is:

UAMath is a Set of Calculators for the New Force Material Equivalency and The Compression Decompression Model of the Universe. Java developments imply an active role in information restructuring. UAMath's new physical model suggests that matter can be created.

Now, even though I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Physics (and in English) from a pretty good New England liberal arts college (Colby College), and even though my interest in Physics has led me to keep somewhat abreast of theoretical adventures like String theory, and has led me to often think (in my limited free time) about the significance of Stephen Hawking's argument that black holes do not destroy everything that falls into them (quite the reverse, in fact, if Hawking is right!) -- despite all of this, I actually don't consider myself an expert in modern physics (umm, does that surprise you?) -- so I cannot have an enlightened opinion on the UAMath project's model that suggests that matter can be created. I'm sure, though, that like me the project owner has found Hawking's black hole thinking quite relevant.

But getting back to the basics of the project, the Universally Applicable Mathematics Calculator Suite includes a "Circumference Diameter Calculator and AMU GEV conversion, UAMath is a Set of Calculators for the New Force Material Equivalency and Compression Decompression Model of the Universe." The project provides a binary executable that runs on all operating systems (that support Java, of course); or, you can download the NetBeans source code.

The UAMath project features include:

  • AMU GEV Conversion Calc
  • Circumference Diameter Calc
  • Compression Decompression Ratio Calc
  • Force Constituency List Asc.
  • Force Constituency List Desc.
  • Force Material Equivalency Calc
  • Material Force Equivalency Calc
  • Shape Degree Calc
  • Subatomic Particles Calc
  • Sub-SubAtomic Particles Calc
  • NotePad ClipBoard Memory Application
  • Relativity Calculator
  • Physics Math Help Applet

UAMath is something I'd like to play with at some point. Maybe this weekend?

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The UAMath Calculators Have Moved. for UAMath 1.1j
and for UAMath 2.0

This move comes with the new UAMath 2.0 which is not an
upgrade but another set of calculators all together. Good to
keep both versions installed.