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New Poll: "Java Strategy and Directions"

Posted by editor on August 23, 2010 at 11:00 AM PDT

The topic for this week's new poll is the "JavaOne Strategy and Directions" Keynote, which will feature Larry Ellison and Thomas Kurian. Our poll asks: Which area will receive the most attention in the JavaOne "Java Strategy and Directions" keynote? The poll will be open for the next week.

Last week's poll result

The poll that just closed asked Will you be attending JavaOne 2010?. A total of 143 votes were cast, with the following results:

  • 7% (10 votes) - I'll be presenting at JavaOne
  • 20% (29 votes) - Yes
  • 11% (16 votes) - I plan to attend a non-US JavaOne
  • 59% (84 votes) - No
  • 3% (4 votes) - I don't know

Of course, it's not a surprise that a majority of the voters won't be attending JavaOne this year. It's good to see a level of interest in the upcoming non-US JavaOne's.

I will be at JavaOne myself, and I hope to see many people from our community. I'll be at the area under the tent when I'm not attending sessions. I intend to blog quite a lot from the conference. I'll use both twitter and blogs to post my schedule in advance, in case you'd like to meet up before or after a session, or at the area under the tent.

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham