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Announcing: GlassFish Outposts - Trekking the "GlassFish Trail"

Posted by editor on August 26, 2010 at 5:35 AM PDT

While looking at the latest GlassFish map Monday night, I started wondering about some of the dots that appear in fairly remote locations on the globe. (My apologies to those who live in these locations -- of course, they're not "remote" to you!) In fact, I see quite a lot of dots in places I've long wanted to visit, like the Arctic, islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Carribean Islands, Africa, and Teirra del Fuego.

Since I may never get the chance to actually visit these places in person, I've decided to "follow the GlassFish Trail" (like the explorers of old) and make virtual visits in a new blog series to be called "GlassFish Outposts."

So, get ready for some adventure. I'm packing my bags today, getting ready for my first journey. Who knows where it will take me!?

And if we're lucky, when I get there, maybe some of the GlassFish denizens of those locations will post comments introducing us to their GlassFish projects!

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