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Poll Result: JavaOne Might Have a Greater "Corporate" Feel This Year

Posted by editor on September 13, 2010 at 8:15 AM PDT

This past week's poll on whether this year's JavaOne will have an increased "corporate" feel didn't produce a clear result. A 37% plurality thought this year's JavaOne will indeed have a greater corporate feel, but 33% selected "I don't know." The exact question and results were:

  • 37% (46 votes) - Greater - Oracle is a bigger corporation
  • 6% (8 votes) - About the same
  • 21% (26 votes) - Lesser - all the corporate stuff will be isolated into Oracle OpenWorld
  • 3% (4 votes) - Other
  • 33% (42 votes) - I don't know

New poll: Java on the Desktop

Our new poll is related to the question asked by cowwoc and re-asked by me regarding Java on the desktop. The poll asks: What's your view of Java on the desktop? Voting will be open for about the next week.

Java Today

Joseph Darcy talks about Project Coin: JDBC 4.1 and try-with-resources -

I'm happy to report that Lance Andersen and the JDBC expert group have decided to support the new try-with-resources statement in JDBC 4.1. Lance just pushed a change set for JDBC 4.1 that retrofits the AutoCloseable interface to the types: * java.sql.Connection; *java.sql.ResultSet; * java.sql.Statement ...

Dalibor Topic presents OpenJDK News (2010-09-10):

JDK 7 build 109 is available. Build 109 bumps the HotSpot 19 build number up to 07 and contains changes to the G1 garbage collector, fixes for Zero and Shark HotSpot backends, addresses various issues in the pack200 implementation and contains a set of improvements across the class library. You can check out the list of changes for details, and get the source code...

Vince Kraemer is investigating Web Service Nodes of a GlassFish Server 3.1 instance

NetBeans has supported web service development for quite a while but... I always hit an issue when I develop web services clients that bothered me... I never knew the wsdl url for services that I had deployed. So, if I was creating a client for a web service, I would need to have the service's implementation project available OR I would need to fire up the admin gui to find out what the wsdl url is to complete either of these two dialogs...

Geertjan Wielenga tells how to get Yahoo News on the Command Line with NetBeans:

One of my current favorite features in the IDE is the Web Service Registry... You can register web services there yourself and/or use the defaults provided by the IDE. Expand a node and you will end up with the specific method on the web service you'd like to invoke. Then you can drag that node into the Java editor. When you do so, all the background files are created (e.g., even including the file that will hold a registration key, if any, such as required by Yahoo, for example). Plus, you get a chunk of code in your Java class for invoking and processing the method on the web service...


Our current poll asks Compared with past JavaOnes, will this year's JavaOne have a greater or lesser "corporate" feel? Voting will be open until next Monday.


Our new Spotlight is Mark Reinhold's post, Re-thinking JDK 7: