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Posted by editor on November 5, 2010 at 11:42 AM PDT

As Community Manager Sonya Barry recently announced, projects are being migrated to the Kenai infrastructure. Existing projects will not be automatically migrated. Rather, owners of projects must identify that they they'd like their projects migrated using the Project Migration Request form.

There is a deadline for identifying that you'd like specific projects migrated: November 30, 2010. Sonya notes:

Any project that is not specifically requested by name via the opt-in form by November 30, 2010 will be purged when the CollabNet site goes dark. We will be keeping tarballs of the CollabNet contents and will be able to distribute them after the site goes dark, however projects that request migration are our top priority.

In other words, if you own a project, and you don't submit a project migration request by November 30, 2010, your project will become unavailable when the CollabNet projects site is closed. It will be possible to resurrect your project, since the tarball will be available -- but, if your project is active, and you want to minimize the amount of time when it will be unavailable, you should be sure to submit a migration request by November 30.

Regarding the migration process, Sonya includes a detailed description of what's going to happen with the various components of projects (repositories, mailing lists, documents and files, etc.) in the "Forge Migration" section of her post.

Java Today

Kohsuke Kawaguchi presents a Hudson / JRuby integration preliminary report:

Charles Lowell (aka cowboyd) and I had a two hour hacking session in an attempt to enable Hudson plugin development via JRuby. This report captures the outcome. Why this is important? Hudson is becoming popular in Ruby, but for Ruby developers, inability to extend Hudson in Ruby is a impediment. Fixing this would improve adoption, and hopefully enable a whole new set of people to start writing Hudson plugins. And we can also hopefully repeat this to other languages, such as Jython. Problems we need to resolve...

Dalibor Topic provides a JCP Election Tuesday Roundup:

The two week voting period in this year's JCP EC Elections ended on November 1st, and the results have been published on the JCP website and the JCP blog just a day later. The Aquarium blog has additional details putting voter turnout for this election in context of previous JCP EC elections. Last but not least, Henrik Ståhl posted his thoughts on the elections, as well...

At JavaLobby, John Ferguson Smart presents An introduction to Spock:

Spock is an open source testing framework for Java and Groovy that has been attracting a growing following, especially in the Groovy community. It lets you write concise, expressive tests, using a quite readable BDD-style notation. It even comes with its own mocking library built in...

Arun Gupta provides his OTN Developer Days 2010, New York City Trip Report:

OTN Developer Days kicked off this morning in the heart of New York City in the Millennium Broadway hotel. About 200 developers attended 20 sessions + hands-on labs divided in four tracks - Server, Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded. I think that was a pretty good turnout knowing that this was a weekday and kept raining all day...


Our latest Spotlight is Java Spotlight Podcast 2: Steve Harris - Senior VP of Application Server Development -

Interview with Steve Harris, Senior VP of Application Server Development on the Java Enterprise Edition, Glassfish, and integrating Sun into Oracle. Joining us this week on the Java All Star Developer Panel are Dalibor Topic, Java free and open source software ambassador, and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Java EE Evangelist...

We're also featuring Community Manager Sonya Barry's announcement, Begins Migration From CollabNet to Kenai Infrastructure:

The time is finally here. 16 GlassFish projects have been locked down on CollabNet and are scheduled to go live on the new site next week. After that, the remaining 161 GlassFish projects are scheduled to go in another couple of weeks. Once the GlassFish community has moved, we'll begin to move the remaining projects...


Our current poll asks How closely will you follow DEVOXX 2010? Voting will be open until Monday.

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